Financial Information


Basic Cost

Basic expenses for the academic year 2017–2018 are approximately $32,354 per semester (tuition, fees, room, and board). The student should allow additional funds for such expenses as books, laundry, personal items, and entertainment.


The 2017–2018 semester tuition charge of $23,900 includes full-time instruction in an average program of study, use of facilities and equipment, medical and health service, and library service. Students who do not waive their health insurance option will be billed for health insurance.

Part-time students (with a course load of fewer than 12 semester hours) are charged $1,992 for each semester hour. This charge does not include medical and health service. Off-campus courses during the interim and summer terms require the payment of $1,494 per semester hour at registration. There is an additional charge for living and traveling expenses incurred in these courses. These costs are announced at the time of registration for the course.

Room and Board

The 2017–2018 cost of room and board averages $3,972 for room and $2,299 for board per semester. This rate applies to a double-occupancy and a standard triple residence hall room and meal plan. Residence hall rooms commonly are furnished with beds, mattresses, desks, chairs, dressers, and sinks. Single rooms entail an additional charge and are not available to first-year students.

Oxford College is a residential campus. In certain cases, commuter status is granted to students who successfully petition the college to be exempt from the residency requirement. These students must live with a parent or guardian and provide a plan to be engaged in the campus community.

Students who have special circumstances can request to be exempt from the residency requirement upon petition. Please contact the Residential Education and Services Department for more information.