Film Studies

Become a discerning consumer, interpreter and producer of one of our most influential art forms. Our Film courses will give you knowledge of American and international film history, theory and criticism.

Film Studies 270

Introduction to Film


Fall, Spring. Credit, four hours. General aesthetic and historical introduction to cinema, with selected readings in film criticism and theory. Weekly in-class screenings required.

Film Studies 373R

Special Topics in Film

(HAP or HSC, depending on the topic)

On demand. Credit, four hours. Prerequisite: Film Studies 270 or by consent of instructor. Individual topics on film study focusing on a specific period or movement. Weekly screenings required. FS270 is the introductory course for film studies.

Film Studies 378R



Every other year. Credit, four hours. A writing-intensive course in the construction and formatting of screenplays, which also broaches various aspects of preproduction planning.