Health education is one strategy of health promotion. The goal of health education is to help students learn about healthy behaviors. Often times, health education includes educational workshops in an individual or group setting. Our health educator aims to address common student health issues through education and outreach to support healthy living.

What is health promotion?

Health promotion moves beyond the individual-level scope of health education and focuses on broader, community-level interventions. Health promotion often includes changing environmental conditions to support healthy living through advocacy, coalition building and policy change. Our health educator conducts assessments on campus wellness and analyzes data to determine priorities.

The health educator at Oxford College offers various educational workshops and seminars throughout the year designed to promote student wellness.  Outreach programming addresses a variety of issues pertinent to students' academic, interpersonal, emotional, and physical well-being.  Programs are student-oriented, evidence-based, and dynamic.

Students, at times, engage in lifestyle choices that potentially interfere with their goals for achieving academic success, fulfilling friendships and romantic relationships, and, overall, healthy minds, bodies, and spirits.  To help students engage in optimum self-care, our Health Educator, Counseling and Career Services (CCS) counselors, Student Health Service (SHS) nurses work collaboratively to offer student programs that address the following important issues:  alcohol/drug/tobacco misuse and harm reduction, sexual assault prevention, effective stress management, cultivating and sustaining healthy relationships, coping with test anxiety, improving time management,  sexual health promotion,  and sustaining adequate sleep and nutrition.  Other programs are offered as well, depending on student need and request. 

The health educator at Oxford follows the American College Health Association’s “Standards of Practice for Health Promotion in Higher Education” as a guide for improving the quality of our campus environment to facilitate student engagement and wellbeing.

Students are welcome to communicate their ideas and suggestions for desired or improved programming.  Please contact our health educator in person at the SHS/CCS suite located in the East Village Residential Complex, Beta Hall or by telephone at extension, 4-8394.