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"More Action, Less Title"
February 11, 2017

The Office of Student Involvement and Leadership coordinates the annual Emerging Leaders Summit, a FREE half-day leadership workshop featuring a nationally acclaimed keynote speaker, leadership activities, and interactive presentations through several breakout sessions. The overall goal of ELS is to prepare students for their respective leadership roles and empowering them to reach their goals and visions, while continuing to develop as leaders. The theme is "More Action, Less Title," encouraging you to think broadly about the motivations behind your involvements in and out of the classroom. 

This year's keynote speaker is Justin Jones-Fosu. Justin is the author of "Finding Your Glasses: Revealing and Achieving Authentic Success," which challeneges the reader to live a life of success based on their core values. Justin obtained his MBA specializing in Leadership and Organizational Change. He has also gained valuable leadership experience with three Fortune 500 companies and in 2008 he was named as one of EBONY Magazine's "30 Young Leaders on the Rise." He has been featured in SMART CEO Magazine, the Baltimore Business Journal, and other publications.

In his keynote, Justin will challenge you to identify or reconnect with your WHY (purpose) and to live it out NOW (passion) in order to achieve meaningful success. Too much focus on the "why" can lead to great reflection with little to no action. This keynote will be funny, thought provoking, practical, and inspiring. 

Students attending the Emerging Leaders Summit will learn:

  • how to have intentional accountability to reach your goals,
  • how to commit to small opportunities to take initiative and ownership of your journey to be better students, leaders, and world-citizens, and
  • understand the significance of your "now moment" to consistently learn, develop meaningful relationships, and impact change on campus. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I attend the Emerging Leaders Summit?

The Emerging Leaders Summit is a great, FREE leadership training opportunity brought right to you on campus.  The keynote speaker will share a powerful, inspiration message, and the interest sessions will help you further develop your leadership skills.  Plus, you get a really cool t-shirt.

I attended last year's Emerging Leaders Summit, so I don't need to attend this year's, right?

Wrong! Each year, we will host a different speaker with a different message and will feature different interest sessions by different presenters. There's always something new to learn about yourself and leadership!

If it's free, why do I have to enter my credit/debit card information? 

Spots are limited, so we want to make sure that everyone who wants to attend is able. Each student who attends will receive a highly coveted, super cool t-shirt. If you sign up and don't attend, you've potentially taken that spot away from someone else. Therefore, if you sign up and don't attend, your credit or debit card will be charged $5.

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