For fall 2020, the majority of our courses will be offered in person, with accommodations made for students who cannot attend class due to illness, quarantine, or other reasons. Students who are in residence may also take one or more of their classes in online format. (Updated July 7, 2020.)

While we believe most students will choose to return to campus for the fall, students will be able to choose to learn online exclusively. 

What Fall Classes Will Look Like

Oxford’s faculty members and leaders in Academic Affairs are actively organizing course offerings now — shifting course times and moving classrooms to larger venues that accommodate physical distancing.

The menu of in-person and online courses will be different, and each type of course will include robust choice. The majority of courses will be offered in person, with accommodations made for students who cannot attend class due to illness, quarantine, or other reasons. A wide array of courses will be available online to students, wherever they are living, including students who are in residence. We intend to expand our menu of online choices through collaboration with Emory College of Arts and Sciences by allowing cross-registration for some courses. The updated schedule is available in the Course Atlas and on OPUS.

Please note: Sophomores will need to re-register for their fall 2020 courses. 

Learn more about fall 2020 registration

How Courses Will Be Offered 

While some courses with multiple sections will be offered in both online and in-person formats, most courses will meet only online or in person. We encourage you to plan carefully with alternative courses in mind. The updated schedule will be available in Course Atlas and OPUS on July 1. 

You must enroll in a minimum of 12 credit hours. For most students, we recommend 12 hours + n hours (where n = the single largest credit class on your schedule) in case you must consider withdrawing from a course during the semester.

We encourage all students, even those originally planning to graduate in December, to take fewer than 19 hours this semester. Students have reported greater difficulty managing a heavy course load when they have online courses. To graduate with a bachelor’s degree from Emory in 8 semesters, students only need to take 16–17 hours per semester.

The Course Atlas will be updated and will display if courses are in person or online. 

While all courses will have meeting days and times indicated on OPUS, online classes will feature the word “online” in place of a room assignment. Online classes may be completed without being on campus. Online classes may feature synchronous content, asynchronous content, or a mix of both. Students who enroll in online classes will virtually attend synchronous course meetings on the meeting days and at the times listed on OPUS (Eastern/Atlanta, GA, USA time zone).

What If None of These Options Work for You?

Returning students who do not wish to enroll in online courses and don’t feel comfortable returning to campus in the fall semester may consider a leave of absence. Students can contact the Advising Support Center at to discuss the leave of absence process.

If you are a new first-year student, please contact the Office of Admission at about your options.

Online Courses versus In-Person Courses

While there will be some differences, the experiences will be equivalent. Oxford College faculty are prepared to teach in both formats, with the same dedication to personal interaction and the benefits of small classes.

International Student Programs

While we hope if you are an international student you will be able to travel to study on campus, we understand the challenges that you may face. All students, international and domestic, can choose to learn online from home for the fall semester.

Adjusted Grading Options

The adjusted grading options offered in spring 2020 were approved due to the move to remote teaching midsemester. Regular deadlines and processes will be followed in the fall 2020 semester as outlined in the Oxford College Catalog.

Academic Calendar

The Academic Calendar on the Oxford College website will be updated no later than July 1.


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