Student Onboarding

As the Emory community returns to campus this fall, it's up to all of us to do what we can to stop the spread of COVID-19 on our campuses. Every Oxford student, faculty member, and staff member has a role to play in adhering to community guidelines and helping others do so as well. This is important so we can all stay healthy and remain on campus this fall. (Updated October 12, 2020.)

Fall Onboarding Process

Even with our safety measures in place, it is important for Emory to maintain a low density on campus. If you are planning to be on campus for any amount of time this fall, you are required to complete the clearance process. If you are not planning to return to campus any time during the fall term, you DO NOT need to complete this clearance process.

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Doing Your Part

As part of the onboarding process, students who will be on campus need to read and understand the new Student Community Compact. You have an important role in following safety measures in the classroom, in residence halls, and in communal spaces, including outdoors. You will need to commit to the Student Community Compact and follow expected behavioral guidelines.