Academic Divisions

History and Social Sciences

Professors Ashmore, Bagwell, Carter, K., Dowe, Lewis, Shapiro and Thompson; Associate Professors DeNicola, Leinweber, Ninkovic, Shannon, Shomade, and Yang; Assistant Professors Beaudette, Binney, Blake, Goss, Ham, Hardy, Ludwinski, McGee, Olson, and Romano; and Senior Lecturers Riner and Vigilante

The Division of History and Social Sciences offers students a wide scope of courses designed to enrich the liberal arts experience at Oxford College. We offer courses focusing on the study of behavior, society, and social relationships from a breadth of disciplines – African American studies; anthropology; epidemiology, economics; history; human health; linguistics; neuroscience and behavioral biology; political science; psychology; quantitative theory and methods; sociology; and women's, gender and sexuality studies.


Professors Anderson and Gowler; Associate Professors Archetto, Bayerle, Ivey, Loflin, McGehee, Moyle, Mullen, Pohl, and Tarver; Assistant Professors Dobbin-Bennett, Cage Conley, El Younssi, Fesette, Gunnels, Higinbotham, Mousie, Palomino, Reid, Resha, and Walter; Director Elion; Professor of Pedagogy Bell; Senior Lecturer Adams, Davis, and Hawley; Lecturer Abarca, Boatright, and Tarazona

The Division of Humanities offers introductory and upper-level courses in American studies, ancient Mediterranean studies, art, classics, creative writing, dance, film and media studies, foreign language, interdisciplinary studies, Latin American and Caribbean studies, literature, music, philosophy, and religion. The division encourages students to evaluate and appreciate our literary, artistic, philosophical, and religious heritage.

Natural Science and Mathematics

Professors Baker, Carter, Jacob; Associate Professors Chen, Hulgan, Neuman, Parker, Powell, Rogers, Saadein, and Seitaridou; Assistant Professors Fankhauser, Farris, Hage, Li, McLean, Nkomo, Osburn, Purkis and Scharf; Professor of Pedagogy Harmon; Director Taliaferro-Smith; Senior Lecturers Mo, Oser, and Segre; Lecturers Das, Lee, and Martin.

The Division of Natural Science and Mathematics includes astronomy, biology, chemistry, environmental science/geology, physics, and mathematics.


Students entering colleges and universities across the country vary considerably in their level of preparation in mathematics. Students need to select courses according to their ability and needs. Entering students earn credit toward the MQR mathematics requirement through some Advanced Placement (AP) or International Baccalaureate (IB) tests. As a general rule, students may earn credit through AP or IB, or by completing the comparable Oxford course, but not both.

Physical Education

Introduction of Center for Healthful Living

The Center for Healthful Living (CHL), under the leadership of Director Amanda Yu-Nguyen, supports the Oxford College core mission of healthy living in a residential, liberal arts environment. The CHL program provides the college community with opportunities to find pleasure and meaning in a broad range of physical activities. The faculty and staff in the CHL are dedicated to integrating physical education with athletics, intramurals, health education, and recreation in a coherent approach leading to a lifetime of healthy living.

Instructors for Center for Healthful Living

Lecturer/Academic Coordinator Mary C. Rucker; Instructor/Head Men's Soccer Coach Gregory Moss-Brown; Instructor/Head Men's and Women's Golf Coach Molly McNamara; Instructor/Head Men's and Women's Cross Country Coach Ella O'Kelley.