Credits Outside of Oxford College

General Guidelines

First-time entering Oxford College students can receive a combined total of 18 credit hours granted from the following:

  1. Advanced Placement credits (AP)
  2. International Baccalaureate (IB), French Baccalaureate, A Level exams, and all other international exams
  3. Other college credit
  4. Transient study credits earned the first year at Oxford

Advanced Placement (AP)

Undergraduate students admitted to Emory University as students in Emory College of Arts and Sciences (ECAS) or Oxford College may receive up to 12 credit hours towards hours required for graduation. Students with more than four acceptable AP test scores may receive a non-credit-bearing course waiver for each additional test. IB test scores and credit from similar internationally recognized testing schemes (e.g., A-levels, French Baccalaureate) will be treated in the same way as AP test scores.

  1. Faculty in ECAS and Oxford College will jointly determine the scores for specific tests that will be accepted, and the equivalent courses at Emory that tests can replace. Scores below 4 will not be accepted as fulfilling Emory requirements. For example, the ECAS Mathematics department and Oxford Mathematics faculty will jointly review the Calculus AP tests to determine whether Emory will accept scores of 4 and 5, or only scores of 5 for each test. The faculty will further evaluate whether the AP test credit can be used as a prerequisite for courses that require MATH 111 or MATH_OX 111 as a prerequisite.
  2. Students will receive 3 credit hours for each accepted test score, up to 12 total credit hours. Where two exams are offered in one field, for example English Literature and English Language, languages, or computer science, credit will be offered for one but not both exams. Students who take both the AP and IB tests for the same course are eligible to have only one test posted for the course.
  3. Students may fulfill GER requirements with AP or IB tests if the equivalent Emory courses fulfill GER requirements. For AP or IB courses that offer only elective credit, students receive credit hours but may not use the test scores to fulfill GER requirements or as prerequisites for more advanced courses.
  4. Students may use AP test credit to allow them to begin with more advanced courses. For example, a student with appropriate AP test scores for Economics may begin with ECON 112 if the Economics faculty determine that AP courses cover the curriculum of ECON 101.
  5. All AP and IB tests with appropriate scores for credit hours or waivers will be posted to the Emory transcript. This will allow a student to use these test scores as prerequisites and allow advisors to understand students' preparation for more advanced courses.
  6. Test score information must be sent to Emory directly from the organization issuing test scores and must be received by the end of a student's first semester at Emory.
  7. Transient study policies are set separately from these policies.


Credit is awarded for Higher Level exams only.

For all IB language courses, it must be determined whether or not the student took the IB course in her or his native language. Credit will normally be given only for Group 2 Language Acquisition (Language B) courses; however, students who complete Group 1 Studies in Language and Literature (Language A) courses outside their native language may also receive credit.

Language course equivalents are for the purpose of awarding credit only and do not indicate a student's level of placement in a language. Students taking IB language exams may be placed in a higher language course and should take the relevant placement test to determine the appropriate course to take.

A student may receive credit for only one English IB test and for one test in a particular language, either in Group 1 or Group 2.

Emory University may accept language exams other than those here listed upon petition.

The Advanced Placement examination can be used to satisfy General Education Program Requirements in accordance with college policy. Whether such credit shall apply to Oxford's distribution requirements and the General Education Program Requirements is a determination made by the faculty in the discipline granting the credit. AP scores must be received by the end of the first semester of the first year. Scores should be sent directly to Oxford College, Registrar's Office, 801 Emory Street, Oxford, Georgia 30054 from AP Services, P.O. Box 6671, Princeton, New Jersey 08541-6671. AP code for Oxford College is 5186. Phone 609.771.7388 or 888.225.5427; email address:; web address:

International Baccalaureate (IB)

Oxford College will grant up to twelve hours of credit for IB scores of five, six, or seven on the higher-level examinations. Students may not receive IB credit in a discipline if AP credit has been granted. No credit will be allowed for subsidiary-level examinations. IB scores must be received by the end of the first semester of the first year. Scores should be sent to Oxford College, Registrar's Office, 801 Emory Street, Oxford, Georgia 30054 from International Baccalaureate Americas Global Centre, 7501 Wisconsin Avenue, Suite 200 West, Bethesda, Maryland 20814. Phone: 301.202.3000; Fax: 301.202.3003; Email:; Skype: IN Americas; web address:

College Credit

Students who have taken college courses to supplement their high school program should apply as a first-year student applicant. Dual / joint enrollment course work will be evaluated, and students may receive credit at Oxford College, provided their performance is creditable, does not count toward high school graduation, and work consists of acceptable college-level courses as determined by the assistant dean for academic affairs. No more than 18 semester hours of credit will be granted for combined AP, IB, or college credit course work with a minimum of 48 credit hours to be completed in residence at Oxford College.

Students on leave from Oxford College for any reason (personal or medical withdrawal, academic exclusion, conduct sanction, etc.) may not take courses for Oxford College degree completion credit while on leave from the institution.