Registration for Spring 2021 took place in November. Fall 2021 pre-registration will begin Monday, May 17. (Updated April 12, 2021.)

Spring 2021 student registration

Academic Advising

If you have registration or advising questions, you can connect with the Advising Support Center (ASC) at or via the ASC Bookings page.

Spring 2021 Registration - Enrollment days and times:*



Add/drop/swap closes

All students

A/D/S will close on Monday, 2/1

First day to request academic overloads

All students (ASC emphatically recommends 15-17 hours max)

Monday, 1/25 —
First day of Spring 2021 classes

*Times indicated above are all Eastern Time Zone

1. Cross-Registration with Emory College Courses

Students may not enroll in any in-person course on the other campus. Students must also meet the pre-requisites for any course they enroll in and must secure permission numbers for permission only courses.   

Oxford College students are not permitted to enroll in the following courses in Emory College: First-Year Seminars (FSEM – all courses with the number 190); First-Year Writing Courses (ENG 101, ENG181; CPLT 110); LAT 102; any PE classes. Oxford College students should contact Creative Writing for permission to enroll in available 300-level Creative Writing courses.  

Oxford College and Emory College will drop any courses from students’ schedules if the students are ineligible to enroll.


Honor Code: The Honor Code is in effect for all classes and students are governed by the Honor Code policies of the school which hosts the class.   

Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory: Students may elect to take up to two courses on the Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory grading basis during their time at Oxford College. An updated policy has been added to the Oxford catalog.

Residency Requirement: If you are enrolled as an Oxford student, any courses you take on either campus (even if online) will only count towards your Oxford residency. Atlanta residency will begin after you complete your Oxford degree. 

2. An important note about Academic Overloads

Students will be eligible to request academic overloads starting on the first day of classes in January. Though the ASC does not recommend enrollment in more than 15-17 credit hours, eligible students can submit written overload request to