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‚ÄčThe Oxford Research Scholars Program offers selected students the opportunity to work directly with faculty members on disciplinary  research projects or projects related to the scholarship of teaching and learning.


Students chosen as Oxford Research Scholars receive a stipend and are given the chance to present their work during the annual Oxford Research Scholars Spring Symposium. As program participants, students learn how research within their disciplines leads to knowledge creation, are introduced to current research in their disciplines, and learn how research is organized and funded.

Through knowledge of and direct involvement in research, students obtain a different perspective on learning. Furthermore, students who engage in research during their sophomore year are able to compete successfully with juniors and seniors when applying for summer internships, and they are often chosen to participate in the Emory SIRE program (Scholarly Inquiry and Research at Emory) after graduating from Oxford.                                                                             

For more information, contact:                                                Student Information
Alicia DeNicola, Associate Professor of Anthropology             Faculty Information