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Pierce Institute:

The SURE-Oxford program is an extension of Emory University's Summer Undergraduate Research at Emory (SURE) program funded by the Howard Hughes Medical Institute.

SURE is managed by the Center for Science Education on the Atlanta campus, and the Pierce Institute provides funding for the SURE-Oxford program. In the SURE-Oxford program, students work with Oxford faculty for 10 weeks in the summer as researchers on projects with biological or biomedical emphases.

The SURE-Oxford students participate in the larger SURE program on the main campus in weekly career mentoring and ethics sessions, and they also compete in the final poster competition. Students learn leadership skills by taking ownership of a research project, working independently, and learning to communicate to a larger scientific community.

Please see the following links for two "postcards" from this summer.

For more information, contact:
Effrosyni Seitaridou, Associate Professor of Physics