Current Faculty Members

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Faculty Emeriti

Monica M. Ali
Professor of Chemistry. AB, Emmanuel College, 1963; MS, Georgetown University, 1968, PhD, 1971; BSRPh, University of Georgia, 1991

Andrew L. Autry
Professor of Chemistry. BS, University of Georgia, 1956, MS, 1958

Evelyn C. Bailey
Associate Professor of Mathematics. BA, Emory University, 1970, MAT, 1973; EdS, Georgia State University, 1975, PhD, 1978

Robert Edward Bailey
Professor of Mathematics. BS, Georgia Southern College, 1970; MEd, Armstrong Savannah State College, 1975; MS, Georgia State University, 1980, PhD, 1982

William E. Baird
Professor of Physics. BA, Emory University, 1969; MS, Georgia Institute of Technology, 1972, PhD, 1975, MS, 1983

Stephen H. Bowen
Dean Emeritus and William R. Kenan, Jr. Professor of Biology. MA, Indiana University; PhD, Rhodes University.

Lucas Carpenter
Charles Howard Candler Professor of English. BS, College of Charleston, 1968; MA, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 1973; PhD, State University of New York at Stony Brook, 1982

Camille Cottrell

Associate Professor of Art History. BFA, University of South Carolina, 1978, MA, 1980; PhD, University of Georgia, 2002

Penelope England
Professor of Physical Education and Dance. BSEd, University of Georgia, 1966, MSEd, 1969; PhD, Louisiana State University, 1983

Dana Greene
Dean. BA, College of New Rochelle, 1963; MA, Northern Illinois University, 1967; PhD, Emory University, 1971

Martha Judith Greer
Professor of Physical Education and Dance. AB, LaGrange College, 1957; MEd, Auburn University, 1961; EdD, University of Georgia, 1972

Stephen W. Henderson
Professor of Geology. BS, Indiana University, 1970, AM, 1974; PhD, University of Georgia, 1984

Clark W. Lemons
Professor of English. BA, Oklahoma City University, 1969; MDiv, Union Theological Seminary, 1972; MA, Emory University, 1974, PhD, 1978; MA, St. John's College, 1998/p>

Kent B. Linville
Dean of Academic Affairs, Chief Academic Officer, Professor of Philosophy. BA, California State University-Northridge, 1967; PhD, University of California-Santa Barbara, 1972

Frank L. Maddox
Associate Professor of Economics. BS, Georgia Southern University, 1978; MS, University of Georgia, 1981; PhD, Georgia State University, 1992

William P. McKibben
Professor of Mathematics. BS, Georgia Institute of Technology, 1961, MS, 1963, PhD, 1973

Michael M. McQuaide
Professor of Sociology. BA, Florida State University, 1973; MA, Pennsylvania State University, 1976, PhD, 1979

Delia Nisbet
Associate Professor of German. MA, Georgia State University, 1987; PhD, Emory University, 1992

Patricia L. Owen-Smith
Professor of Psychology. AB, University of Georgia, 1969, MA, 1970, PhD, Georgia State University, 1985

Neil S. Penn
Professor of History. AB, West Virginia Wesleyan College, 1954; MA, Duke University, 1958; PhD, Emory, 1973

Gretchen E. Schulz
Professor of Humanities. BA, Wellesley College, 1964; MA, University of Wisconsin, 1965, PhD, 1975

Richard T. Shappell
Professor of Physical Education and Dance. BS, West Chester State College, 1964; MA, Ball State University, 1966; PhD, Florida State University, 1977

Homer F. Sharp Jr.
Professor of Biology. BA, Emory University, 1959; MS, University of Georgia, 1962, PhD, 1970

Theodosia R. Wade
Professor in Pedagogy in Biology. BS, Presbyterian College, 1976; MACT, Auburn University, 1980

James M. Warburton
Professor of Spanish. AB, Middlebury College, 1962, MA, 1967; PhD, Emory University, 1973