Roberto C. Goizueta Business School

Oxford College students may apply to the Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) program in their last semester at Oxford. All applicants must complete the requirements for the Associates (AA) degree from Oxford to be eligible for admission to the BBA program.

Admission is based on successful completion of prerequisite coursework, academic achievement, and diverse extracurricular involvement. An application is required and includes an essay and letters of recommendation. The application deadline for early/Spring admission is in late September and the deadline for regular/Fall admission is in early February. Exact deadlines will be posted to the pre-BBA information site.

The BBA program would like students to demonstrate their ability to effectively manage a full course load (at least four or five graded, 3–5 credit hour courses per semester). Therefore, it is imperative that students interested in the program not under load during their time at Oxford. It is also important that students needing to raise their GPA prior to admission not study abroad in their final semester at Oxford. Students who are studying abroad at the time of application cannot be placed on the waitlist due to the late posting of grades.

Admission to the BBA program is holistic. There is no minimum GPA cutoff requirement in order to be considered. In addition to reviewing grades, the Admissions Committee considers the types and number of classes a student has taken, the trend in their GPA, involvement on campus, and any extenuating circumstances that may have impacted these factors. Over the past five years, the admission rate has remained between 76 to 95 percent.

Students seeking admission should contact Jessica Lowy, Director of BBA Admission, to learn more about the program. She can be reached at 404.727.2713 or at Jessica will come to the Oxford campus each semester for information sessions and on-campus advising, and is available via email and phone for advisement. Oxford College students are encouraged to participate in these on-campus sessions to review their progress towards application to the BBA program. Additional information regarding the BBA curriculum and admission are available on the pre-BBA information site.

Before enrollment in the business school, Oxford students must complete the following:

  • ECON 101 – Microeconomics and ECON 112 – Macroeconomics (AP or IB credit can satisfy these requirements)
  • MATH 111 – Calculus I (AP Calculus credit satisfies the math requirement)
  • MATH 117 – Introduction to Probability and Statistics or MATH 207 – Probability and Statistics (AP Statistics credit can satisfy this requirement)
  • BUS 210 – Financial Accounting
  • Continued Writing course

Academic Tips

  • If you take MATH 111 and 112, you may take MATH 207 (Probability and Statistics) instead of MATH 117. The business school will accept either MATH 207 or MATH 117 as satisfying the statistics prerequisite.
  • If a student has IB Higher Level Economics credit, this satisfies the entire Economics prerequisite for the BBA Program, even though Oxford grants credit for Micro only (i.e. students with IB Higher Level Econ credit do not need to take Macro).
  • The business school prefers students get a "C" grade instead of withdrawing from a course. They are seeking students who demonstrate resilience in the face of challenges, which includes working through difficult and unfamiliar coursework. Students considering withdrawing from a course are encouraged to contact BBA Admissions first to determine the potential impact.
  • Students should not repeat a course if they are disappointed with their grade. The Business School wants to see how students perform in response to new coursework, so the best course of action is to move forward to other coursework.
  • For the Continued Writing course, the Business School prefers that students take a class that is taught in the English language (vs. a foreign language) and in a non-quantitative subject area.