Academic Calendar


January 9MondayEmory Connections Day (Mandatory for all graduating sophomores)
January 10TuesdayClasses begin
January 16MondayMartin Luther King Jr. Holiday
January 17TuesdayLast day for changing courses
February 1WednesdayDate of Record for Reporting Enrollment
February 3FridayDegree Application Deadline/$25 late fee after this date
March 1WednesdayMidterm Deficiency Reports Due (Faculty)
March 3FridayMidterm Withdrawal Deadline without Penalty
March 6-10Monday-FridaySpring Break
March 27-30Monday-ThursdayPre-registration for Fall semester
March 31FridayLast Day for One-Time Freshman Withdrawal
April 20-24Thursday-MondayPhysical Education Exams
April 24MondayClasses End
April 26-28, May 1-3
Final Exams
May 6SaturdayCommencement
May 8MondayEnd of Term



May 9TuesdayFirst Day of Classes and Drop/Add Ends
May 26FridayLast Day of Class
See SyllabusSee SyllabusFinal Exam
First Session  
May 15MondayFirst Day of Classes
May 19FridayEnd of Drop/Add Period
May 29MondayMemorial Day
June 21WednesdayLast Day of Classes
June 22-23Thursday-FridayFinal Exams
Second Session  
June 26MondayFirst Day of Classes
June 30FridayEnd of Drop/Add Period
June 30FridayDegree Application Deadline; $25 late fee after this date
July 4TuesdayIndependence Day Holiday
August 2WednesdayLast Day of Classes
August 3-4Thursday- FridayFinal Exams
August 4Friday End of Summer 2017

FALL 2017 - Subject to change

August 23WednesdayClasses Begin
August 30WednesdaySchedule Change Ends
September 4MondayLabor Day Holiday
September 8FridayFall 2017 Degree Application Deadline
September 13WednesdayDate of Record for Reporting Enrollment
October 9-10Monday-TuesdayFall Break
October 23 MondaySpring Pre-Registration Begins
November 11FridayOne-Time Freshman Withdrawal Deadline
November 22-24Wednesday-FridayThanksgiving Break
December 5TuesdayClasses End
December 6-8, 11-13Thursday-Friday
Final Exams
December 16SaturdayEnd of Term/Conferral of Degree

SPRING 2018 - Subject to change

January 15MondayMLK Holiday
January 17WednesdayClasses Begin
January 24WednesdaySchedule Changes End
February 7WednesdayDate of Record for Reporting Enrollment
February 9FridayDegree Application Deadline
March 12-16Monday-FridaySpring Break
March 26MondayFall Pre-Registration Begins
April 30MondayClasses End
May 2-4
May 7-9
Final Exams
May 14MondayEnd of Term
May 12SaturdayCommencement

FALL 2018 - Subject to change

August 29WednesdayClasses Begin
September 3MondayLabor Day Holiday
September 5WednesdaySchedule Changes End
September 14FridayFall 2018 Degree Application Deadline
September 19WednesdayDate of Record for Reporting Enrollment
October 8-9Monday-TuesdayFall Break
October 29 MondaySpring Pre-Registration Begins
November 21-23Wednesday-FridayThanksgiving Break
December 11TuesdayClasses End
December 13-14, 17-19Thursday-Friday
Final Exams
December 22SaturdayEnd of Term/Conferral of Degree

SPRING 2019 - Subject to change

January 15TuesdayClasses Begin
January 21MondayMLK Holiday
January 22TuesdaySchedule Changes End
February 6WednesdayDate of Record for Reporting Enrollment
February 8FridayDegree Application Deadline
March 11-15Monday-FridaySpring Break
March 25MondayFall Pre-Registration Begins
April 29MondayClasses End
May 1-3
May 6-8
Final Exams
May 11SaturdayCommencement
May 13MondayEnd of Term