Practice what we teach.

Service Learning at Oxford includes courses that allow you to volunteer in the real world, where you can put knowledge into action.

Oxford’s theory practice/service learning (TPSL) classes combine theory with practice. You’ll expand your leadership skills by applying what you’ve learned in the classroom through service work in local metro Atlanta communities and around the world. At Oxford, we know that learning by doing works, so we have added these and other meaningful experiences to our curriculum.

Every year, Oxford College students in theory practice/service learning courses spend 3,000+ hours serving the community around campus and gaining real-world knowledge.

TPSL classes allow you to apply your classroom knowledge to real-world settings, so that you can develop the tools to solve tough problems creatively. You’re not only learning about a subject, but going out into the world and engaging with it.

Whether you’re practicing participant observation in a cultural anthropology course or teaching elementary school children probability and statistics, TPSL courses will greatly expand your understanding of the world around you.

Service Learning Courses

In TPSL students serve as tutors, mentors, counselor, and advocates for children and adults at community agencies, child care centers, and schools. Here are some examples:

Students in Prison

Reading Memoirs in Prison

Students travel to a maximum-security women's prison for a collaborative classroom with 11 incarcerated students.

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Student Eating

Sociology of Food

Students study the conventional food system and sustainable alternatives and work on Oxford College's organic farm.

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Student writing

Expository Writing

First-year writing students work with middle school students to create specific life stories.

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