Students doing research

Research, stat!

Oxford provides numerous, practically unheard-of opportunities for you to conduct professional research in your first and second years of college in academic areas that interest you.

Some of the opportunities you’ll find include:

Research Scholars Program

Oxford Research Scholars receive a stipend and the chance to present their work during the annual Oxford Research Scholars Spring Symposium. As a program participant, you’ll learn how research within your discipline leads to knowledge creation, get introduced to current research within your discipline, and learn how research is organized and funded.

Summer Undergraduate Research at Emory/Oxford

The SURE–Oxford program is an extension of Emory’s Summer Undergraduate Research at Emory (SURE) program funded by the Howard Hughes Medical Institute. In SURE–Oxford, you’ll work with Oxford faculty for 10 weeks in the summer as a researcher on projects with a biological or biomedical emphasis.