June 2017 News Archive

Global Connections explores protest, reform
June 28, 2017

A recent Oxford College trip to explore modern issues of religious protest and reform was inspired by a 500-year-old event.

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Own Oxford takes a personal approach to introducing students to campus life.
Own Oxford gives students taste of campus life
June 22, 2017

Own Oxford helps incoming first-year students form connections that will carry throughout their time at Oxford College.

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Students gather on the Oxford grad with an instructor.
Oxford's Center for Academic Excellence inspires 3 new books
June 21, 2017

Three recently completed books have emerged from Oxford's Center for Academic Excellence (CAE).

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Incoming first-year students will spend three-days on campus during OWN Oxford.
Oxford campus stays busy in summer
June 13, 2017

Oxford College hosts many groups that keep things bustling on campus during the summer break.

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This course explores American comic books and Japanese manga from cultural, aesthetic, literary, and ethical perspectives.
In Class: Graphic Material
June 6, 2017

Brad Hawley, Oxford lecturer in English, teaches a class on Comics and Visual Literacy that explores American comic books and Japanese manga.

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For parents, watching children develop friendships and interact with their peers can be a pleasure, but it can also be unexpectedly difficult.
Catherine Bagwell on Making Friends
June 5, 2017

Catherine Bagwell, Oxford professor of psychology, explores children's social development as her area of research expertise. Emory Magazine recently asked her about how to help kids be good friends.

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