IPLA Program Schedule

Tuesday/Wednesday program

Applicants should select ONE program on Tuesday/Wednesday and ONE program for Thursday/Friday.

Engaging Students at the Highest Level with Project Based Learning
Scott Wurdinger, Minnesota State University

Participants will learn how project-based learning fits into an array of experiential methods and will also practice designing projects and creating assessment tools for their own courses. Participants will leave this workshop with a clear understanding of the theory and practice behind project-based learning, and with a set of tools for designing and assessing projects.

Using Backward Design to Introduce Team-Based Learning to Your Classroom
Henry Bayerle, Oxford College of Emory University

In this overview of team-based learning (TBL), participants will discuss SoTL research on group learning, work through a sample TBL module, and begin to create a TBL module for one of their own courses. Backward design and research on test design will facilitate the introduction of productive group work into the classroom.

Students That Change the World: Innovative Course Design for Transformative Learning
Julia Metzker, Stetson University; Cynthia Alby, Georgia College and State University; and Caralyn Zehnder, Springfield Technical College

Liberal arts colleges promise transformative learning and skills essential to the 21st century workforce such as critical and creative thinking, communication skills, information literacy, and engagement with diverse peoples. Through this scintillating hands-on workshop, participants will build innovative courses that foster transformative learning by engaging students with contemporary and enduring complex questions through high-impact practices and authentic assessment tasks.

Developing Undergraduate Research Projects: Faculty and Librarian Collaboration
Courtney Baron, Elliott Kuecker, Ellen Neufeld, Jessica Robinson, Oxford College of Emory University

This workshop highlights successful faculty and librarian collaborations at Oxford College. We will investigate research design from a multidisciplinary perspective, exploring what makes an effective research assignment in the sciences, social sciences and humanities. Librarians will share ways they can help faculty design research assignments, work with students to improve the quality of research papers, and incorporate primary sources into the course curriculum. Participants will begin to create or improve an existing research assignment.

Thursday/Friday program

Applicants should select ONE program on Tuesday/Wednesday and ONE program for Thursday/Friday.

Living the Liberal Arts: Sophomore Residential Seminars
David Dudrick, Colgate University

In this workshop, you’ll discuss the possibilities and challenges of residential seminars, courses in which the students participating live together, as a way of constituting intellectual communities. Dudrick will relate his experience directing Colgate’s Sophomore Residential Seminars (SRS) program.

Leadership and Ethics in a Liberal Arts Curriculum
Terry Price, University of Richmond

In this session, Terry Price presents his own work in ethics as a way of thinking about leadership in a liberal arts environment. Participants will have the opportunity to use their own disciplines to identify leadership problems, to discuss intellectual frames that would be useful in addressing these problems, and to recommend texts that might be taught in an undergraduate course or module on leadership.     

Sustainability Unbound
Tom Kelly, Executive Director of UNH Sustainability Institute, and Maria Woolson, College of Arts and Sciences and Honors College University of Vermont

This intensive two-day workshop will use the breadth and complexity of sustainability as a powerful context and liberating invitation for participants to explore creative approaches to pedagogy in their roles as educators, curriculum designers, scholars and mentors. Through some highly collaborative and participatory processes, participants will develop approaches to connecting diverse perspectives informed by values, disciplines and aesthetics to build collaborative approaches to teaching and learning sustainability.

LEAPing into the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning
Steven Jones, Georgia College and State University

You are invited to take a LEAP into the scholarship of teaching and learning. In this two-day workshop, you’ll learn the fundamentals of developing a SOTL project and leave with a well-developed research question related to LEAP essential learning outcomes, a preliminary literature review, and a focused research design for your project.

Academic Technology Session

Participants developing short- or long-term projects may attend either set of two-day sessions or all four days of the institute. See the application to make your selection.

IPLA: Teaching and Learning through Technology
Scott Foster, Lisa Ward and the Oxford College Academic Technologies Team

This session invites participants to develop course ideas, teaching strategies, and communication strategies using new technologies. We’ll explore 3-D printing and the Internet of Things (IoT) as well as new approaches to Educational Space Design. Finally, we’ll examine new technologies that encourage collaboration between disciplines and promote cross-discipline learning.