Scholar Biographies

Tuesday/Wednesday Scholars

Scott Wurdinger, Minnesota State University
Scott Wurdinger is professor of experiential education and leadership studies at Minnesota State University in Mankato, and currently serves as coordinator of the Educational Leadership Doctoral Program. His research interests focus on the use of various approaches to experiential learning and how they develop life skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving and creativity. His most recent book is titled The Power of Project-Based Learning: Helping Students Develop Important Life Skills published by Rowman and Littlefield.

Henry Bayerle, Oxford College
Henry Bayerle earned a BA in Classics at Brown University and a PhD in comparative literature from Harvard University in 2004. His research focuses on Roman epic and the reception of the Classics in medieval Europe. His dissertation, Speakers in the Latin Historical Epics of Twelfth-Century Italy, describes characterization in epic through the analysis of speeches and intertextual relations between medieval and ancient Latin epic. He has published on the medieval Ars memoriae and has articles forthcoming in the Oxford Dictionary of the Middle Ages (Oxford University Press) and Autour de Mélusine: Gestes et Protocoles (Classiques Garnier). Before coming to Oxford College in 2006, Bayerle taught Classics and medieval Latin at the University of Miami and Harvard University.

Julia Metzker, Stetson University; Cynthia Alby, Georgia College and State University and Caralyn Zehnder, Springfield Technical College
Metzker, Alby, Zehnder are founding members of the Innovative Course-building Group (, a grassroots social network for learning that supports teaching faculty and staff across disciplines. They hail from multiple institutions joined by their common passion for student learning as well as a shared book project on course design for transformative learning.

Courtney Baron, Elliott Kuecker, Ellen Neufeld, Jessica Robinson, Oxford College
of Emory University
Courtney Baron is the teaching and learning librarian at Oxford College. She leads the Research Practices team and coordinates the instruction program for Oxford College Library. She received bachelor’s of arts degrees in classical archaeology and Latin from the University of Georgia and a master of library and information science from Valdosta State University.  

Elliott Kuecker is the collection’s management librarian at Oxford College Library.He has an MLIS from Valdosta State University and an MA in English from the University of Florida.

Ellen Neufeld is deputy director of Oxford College Library. She has been responsible for a variety of different teams and projects since joining the Oxford Library in 2005, including overseeing annual exhibits and events, collection development and research practices.

Jessica Robinson is assistant college librarian of finance and operations at Oxford College. She serves as the personal librarian to the departments of Biology, Academic Services and Campus Life, Astronomy, Chemistry, Math, Physics, and the Center for Healthful Living faculty. She received the master of science in library science from the University of Alabama.

Thursday/Friday Scholars

David Dudrick, Colgate University
David Dudrick is professor of philosophy at Colgate University. His work has appeared in the European Journal of Philosophy, American Philosophical Quarterly, and International Studies in Philosophy.  He is also director of the new Mellon Sophomore Residential Seminars program at Colgate.

Terry Price, University of Richmond
Terry L. Price is professor of leadership studies and formerly the senior associate dean for academic affairs at the Jepson School of Leadership Studies at the University of Richmond. He has a doctorate in philosophy from the University of Arizona as well as degrees in philosophy, politics and psychology from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and the University of Oxford. Price currently serves as an associate editor of Leadership and the Humanities and sits on the editorial board of the Journal of Business Ethics. He is a former member of the editorial board of Leadership Quarterly and the board of directors of the International Leadership Association, as well as a founding editor of Jepson Studies in Leadership. He is author of Understanding Ethical Failures in Leadership and Leadership Ethics: An Introduction, both on Cambridge University Press.

Tom Kelly, Executive Director of UNH Sustainability Institute, and Maria Woolson, College of Arts and Sciences and Honors College University of Vermont
Tom Kelly is the founding executive director of the University of New Hampshire Sustainability Institute and the university’s chief sustainability officer. He is the co-editor and co-author of The Sustainable Learning Community: One University’s Journey to the Future (2009) and has been working in the field of higher education and sustainability for more than 25 years in the US and abroad. Current activities include working with UNH colleagues and many related partners on projects across the university’s curriculum, operations, research and engagement (CORE) activities. Examples include developing a regional network to advance sustainable food systems through Food Solutions New England and the New Hampshire Food Alliance as well as collaboration on the development of the undergraduate programs in EcoGastronomy and Sustainability. Kelly collaborated with the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE) and Second Nature on curricular and pedagogical innovation through the design and facilitation of regional symposia of the American College and University Presidents Climate Commitment (ACUPCC) and the annual curriculum convocation of the AASHE national conference. In addition, he was the co-designer and facilitator of Sustainability Unbound, an “advanced track” offered at the 2012 AASHE national conference. 

Maria Woolson is a member of the faculty of the College of Arts and Sciences and the Honors College at the University of Vermont. Her teaching and scholarship bring together the worldviews of science and humanities, and her research is framed by sustainability as a paradigm for interdisciplinary studies. She has lived and worked in South America, Italy and the United States and has published in various areas of scholarship including sustainability education, pedagogy, water and Latin American culture. She’s been a guest speaker on three continents, most recently speaking on environmental justice at Middlebury College, interdisciplinary education at Universidad Kennedy in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and “Actionable Pathways for the SDGs and Higher Education” at the International ISCN meeting at the University of Siena, Italy. Over her seven years as faculty at Middlebury College, she developed an approach to pedagogy that has been shaped by a scholarship from the Global North and the Global South. For the past five years, she has served as the co-designer and facilitator of faculty-training workshops and seminars in sustainability pedagogy.

Steven Jones, Georgia College and State University
Steven Jones is assistant director of the Center for Teaching and Learning and director of Faculty Development at Georgia College and State University.  He serves on the editorial boards of several SOTL-related journals and has published many book chapters and journal articles on high-impact practices and student learning, particularly with respect to service learning and undergraduate research.

Academic Technology Scholars

Scott Foster, Lisa Ward, and the Oxford College Academic Technologies Team
Scott Foster is director of academic technology at Oxford College and has more than 11 years of higher education experience. At Oxford, he and his team assist faculty with modern pedagogical needs in better utilizing technology to improve the classroom experience.

As Oxford College's instructional designer, Lisa Ward works with faculty to promote innovative uses of technology in the classroom. She earned her PhD in early modern literature from the University of Georgia in 2012.