Academic Program

Academic Advisers

Every student is assigned a faculty member who serves as that student’s academic adviser. The Advising Support Center attempts, as much as possible, to align assignments based on the student’s academic interests as indicated at the time of enrollment. Students meet with their adviser periodically throughout each semester to discuss degree progression, and interests in career options, scholarships, internships, and research opportunities. Adviser signatures are required for registration and other changes to a student’s enrollment after registration. Advisers will assist students in their transition from high school to college and in their selection of courses, major, and career. While advisers provide assistance, each student is responsible for knowing and meeting the requirements for graduation explained in this catalog. Students who wish to change advisers should consult the faculty adviser(s) with whom they are interested in establishing the advising relationship. Adviser Change Request Forms are available in the Advising Support Center.

Academic Load And Credit

The standard unit of credit in the semester system is the semester hour. Most courses earn three semester hours of credit, meeting for 150–200 minutes/week. However, physical education classes earn one semester hour of credit and also meets for 150–200 minutes/week. Laboratories for science courses meet an additional three hours per week.

Continuation To Emory College

Early each spring semester, the staff, administration, and faculty of Oxford and Emory Colleges work to give Oxford’s rising juniors the information and guidance required to continue as Emory College juniors as seamlessly as possible. This includes a required event, Emory Connections Day, on the Atlanta campus for all Oxford sophomores before the start of the spring semester. This event will take place the day before spring classes begin on January 14, 2019. Oxford students are also encouraged to begin acquainting themselves with the Atlanta campus in their first year at Oxford. Frequent shuttle service to the Atlanta campus is provided for students (consult Campus Life for details).

Course Load Requirements

An average course load is 16 hours per semester (five 3-hour courses and one physical education). Students may not take fewer than 12 hours nor more than *22 hours, plus physical education in any one semester. Students must normally enroll for the minimum full-time load of 12 credits, except that a student in the fifth or sixth semester of work is not required to enroll for more credits than are needed to complete the degree. Special permission is required from the student’s academic adviser and the Advising Support Center to overload to register for more than 19 hours. See overload procedures for details.

Criteria for Overloading (enrolling in more than 19 hours per semester)

In order to request permission to overload, a student must complete one semester or more at Oxford and have achieved a 3.0 or higher cumulative grade point average, or be in the last term before graduating and  have a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.0. Students not meeting the criteria to overload must receive special permission by completing the request for overload form with their academic adviser and submitting it to the Advising Support Center.

Overload Procedures

Students must receive special permission from the Advising Support Center and their respective academic adviser in order to take more than 19 semester hours. First-year students must complete at least one semester at Oxford College and have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher. Sophomores in their fourth term before graduation must have a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher. Students may be granted an overload up to a total of 22 semester credit hours. Students with outstanding incomplete course grades may not overload in credits in subsequent semesters. Requests for overload permission are received during open enrollment within the first five days of the start of a semester term.

New Student Orientation

Oxford College offers an orientation program prior to the start of all semesters. All new students are required to attend in order to become familiar with the campus, meet members of the faculty and staff, take placement tests, participate in the advising process and register for classes. New students will be informed about dates and locations of orientation activities. Parents are encouraged to attend events on the first day of orientation, meet the faculty and administration, and become acquainted with the educational philosophy of Oxford College.


To request permission to return to Oxford after withdrawing or being absent for one or more semesters (other than the summer semester), students must complete a readmission form (available from the Advising Support Center or online). There is no application fee for readmission.

Applications, personal statements, all supporting materials, and up-to-date Health Care Provider Statement(s) from each provider confirming medical clearance (if applicable) are due on or before the following dates: October 15 for spring semester, April 15 for Summer School on the Atlanta campus, and April 15 for fall semester.

Students applying for readmission after academic exclusion at the end of their last term at Oxford must additionally submit a petition  outlining their plan for successful degree completion to the associate dean for academic affairs along with the Readmissions Application request.

Students applying for readmission after medical withdrawal must provide up-to-date documentation of medical clearance, and confirmation of arrangements for on-going treatment if necessary, on the Health Care Provider Statement. Each provider must submit a separate Health Care Provider Statement; this may include staff from Oxford’s Student Health Services. Readmission following withdrawal for medical reasons requires clearance by designated university health officials.

Readmission to Oxford College is not guaranteed. All readmission applications are evaluated on the condition that the student can establish a reasonable plan for how they will successfully complete their Oxford

College degree within the allotted time and abide by the expectations of the institution as responsible members of the Oxford College community. Applicants for readmission must be clear of all financial obligations to the institution, and, if applicable, have addressed any Honors Code violations and/or Conduct Code issues.

All readmission application materials and supporting documents must be sent to the Advising Support Center, Oxford College of Emory University, 118 Few Circle, Seney Hall Suite #103, Oxford, GA 30054 or sent electronically to

Summer School

The Oxford Summer School program is conducted jointly with Emory College on the Atlanta campus. For further information about summer school contact your academic adviser. Summer enrollment requires permission of your academic adviser and approval of your registration schedule. Information regarding Summer programs, including session dates, class schedule links, and pre-registration permission forms can be found on the Oxford College Office of the Registrar website.

Courses of Study

Oxford students who complete a minimum of sixty-six (66) hours: (sixty-four (64) academic hours and two (2) physical education hours) and meet the General Education program distribution requirements with a minimum cumulative grade-point average of 2.0, receive the associate of arts degree, and thereby qualify to continue as juniors at Emory College.