Emory University Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees governs the university by establishing policy and exercising fiduciary responsibility for the long-term well-being of the institution. The board and its executive committee act on recommendations from board committees, university officers, and the university senate.

Board of Trustees Executive Committee

John F. Morgan 67Ox 69B, Chair

Robert C. Goddard III, Vice Chair

B. Michael Watson, Vice Chair
Susan A. Cahoon, Secretary

Board of Trustees

Kathelen Amos Lee P. Miller
Facundo L. Bacardi John G. Rice
Thomas I. Barkin Rick M. Rieder
Thomas D. Bell Jr. Teresa M. Rivero 85Ox 87B 93PH
Henry L. Bowden Jr. Adam H. Rogers
William A. Brosius Katherine T. Rohrer

James Walker Burns

Timothy C. Rollins
Shantella Carr Cooper Stuart A. Rose

Crystal Edmonson

Cynthia M. Sanborn

Javier C. Goizueta

Diane W. Savage

Sue Haupert-Johnson Leah Ward Sears
C. Rob Henrikson

Lynn H. Stahl

M. Douglas Ivester

James E. Swanson Sr.

Muhtar Kent

Mitchell S. Tanzman

Jonathan K. Layne

Mary Virginia Taylor

Steven H. Lipstein

Gregory J. Vaughn

Deborah A. Marlowe

William C. Warren IV

William T. McAlilly

Mark A. Weinberger