Dean's Council

Douglas Hicks, Dean of the College

Kenneth L. Anderson 89G 91PhD, Dean of Academic Affairs and Chief Academic Officer

Catherine Chastain-Elliott 96G 98Ph, Associate Dean of Academic Affairs

Stephanie Allen, Associate Dean for Finance and Budget

Mahbuba Ferdousi, Associate Dean for Information Technology

Danielle Miller, Dean of Resource Planning and Chief Financial Officer

Kelley Lips 02Ox 04C, Associate Dean of Enrollment Services

Susan Newborn, Director of Human Resources

Mary Kathryn McNeill 85G, Associate Dean of Library Services

Joseph C. Moon, Dean of Campus Life

Kevin Smyrl, Associate Dean of Development and Alumni Relations

Michele Hempfling, Director, Residential Education and Services

Katherine McGuire, Director of Institutional Research

Lyn Pace 02T 16T, Chaplain

Karen Summers, Executive Administrative Assistant to the Dean

Cathy Wooten, Director of Communication