Oxford College Faculty

Alex Abarco
Instructor in Physical Education/Dance. BA, University of Houston, 2008; MFA, Tisch School of the Arts, 2016

Kenneth L. Anderson
Dean of Academic Affairs, Professor of Philosophy. BA, Bucknell University, 1982; MA, Emory University, 1989, PhD, 1991 

Maria A. Archetto
Associate Professor of Music. BS, Rhode Island College, 1974; MA, Eastman School of Music, University of Rochester, 1979, PhD, 1991 

Susan Youngblood Ashmore
Professor of History. BA, University of Texas at Austin, 1983; MA, University of Virginia, 1989; PhD, Auburn University, 1999 

Catherine Bagwell
Professor of Psychology. BS, University of Richmond, 1994; MA, Duke University, 1996; PhD, Duke University, 1999 

Steven C. Baker
Professor of Biology. BS, Tennessee Tech University, 1980, MS, 1983; PhD, Southern  Illinois  University, 1990

Henry C. Bayerle
Associate Professor of Classics. BA, Brown University, 1989; MA, Indiana University, 1992; PhD, Harvard University, 2004 

Donald M. Beaudette
Assistant Professor of Political Science. BA, St. John’s University, 2005; MA, Queen’s University, 2006; PhD, Emory University, 2013 

Stacy A. Bell
Professor of Pedagogy in English. BA, Warren Wilson College, 1991; MS, Georgia State University, 1994

Christopher Blake
Visiting Assistant Professor of Economics. BS, Gonzaga University, 2010; MA, Colorado State University, 2012; PhD, Colorado State University, 2017

Andrew Boatright
Visiting Lecturer of Art. BFA, University of Central Arkansas, 2009; MFA, Georgia State University, 2013

Kenneth E. Carter
Professor of Psychology. BA, Emory University, 1989; MA, University of Michigan, 1990, PhD, 1993; MS, Fairleigh Dickinson University, 2007 

M. Eloise Brown Carter
Professor of Biology. AB, Wesleyan College, 1972; MS, Emory University, 1978, PhD, 1983 

Fang Chen
Associate Professor of Mathematics. BA, Bryn Mawr College, 1994; MS, Yale University, 1998, PhD, 2000 

Camille Cottrell
Associate Professor of Art History. BFA, University of South Carolina, 1978, MA, 1980; PhD, University of Georgia, 2002 

Jessica Lopes da Rosa-Spangler
Visiting Assistant Professor of Biology. BA, Rutgers University, 2000; MS, Liverpool University, 2002; PhD, University of Massachusetts Medical School, 2012.

Maria E. Davis
Senior Lecturer in Spanish. BA, University of Salamanca, 1997; MA, 2002; PhD, 2002

Patricia Del Ray
Adjunct Assistant Professor of Women’s Studies. AB, Manhattanville College, 1965, MA, Columbia University, Teachers College, 1967, EdD, 1970

Alicia Ory DeNicola
Associate Professor of Anthropology. BA, Lewis and Clark College, 1989; MA, Brandeis University, 1998; PhD, Syracuse University, 2004 

Tasha Dobbin-Bennett
Assistant Professor of Art History and Studio Art. BBS, Victoria University, New Zealand, 1999; MA, University of Auckland, 2008; MPhil, Yale University, 2011; PhD, Yale University, 2014 

Sarah C. Fankhauser
Assistant Professor Biology. BS, Georgia Institute of Technology, 2007; PhD, Harvard University, 2013 

Tina Gallagher
Instructor in Physical Education/ Instructor/Head Women’s Soccer Coach. BA, Auburn University at Mont. 2008; MA Auburn University at Mont., 2009

Jeffery A. Galle
Director of the Center for Academic Excellence and Associate Professor of Humanities. BA, Louisiana Tech University, 1977; MA, 1979; PhD, Louisiana State University, 1991

David B. Gowler
The Dr. Lovick Pierce and Bishop George F. Pierce Professor of Religion; Director, The Pierce Institute for Leadership and Community Engagement; Professor, The Center of Ethics (Emory University). BA, University of Illinois, 1981; MDiv, Southern Seminary, 1985, PhD, 1989

Bridgette Wells Gunnels
Assistant Professor of Spanish. BA, University of Georgia, 1996, MA, 1998; PhD, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, 2002 

Melissa Hage
Assistant Professor of Geology. BA, Franklin and Marshall College, 2002; MS, University of Tennessee, 2006; PhD, University of Tennessee, 2015

Pernilla Hardin
Head Tennis Coach/Instructor in Physical Education. BS, University of North Florida, 1986

Jack Hardy
Visiting Assistant Professor of Linguistics. BA, University of Arizona, 2005; MA, Universidad de las Americas, 2007; PhD, Georgia State University, 2014

Brenda Bacon Harmon
Professor of Pedagogy in Chemistry. BA, University of Houston-Clear Lake, 1992; MA, Rice University, 1996 

Brad K. Hawley
Lecturer in English. BA, Presbyterian College, 1993; MA, Clemson University, 1995; PhD, University of Oregon, 2000

Douglas A. Hicks
Professor of Religion. AB, Davidson College, 1990; MDiv., Duke University, 1993; MA, Harvard University, 1995; PhD, Harvard University, 1998

Sarah Higinbotham
Visiting Assistant Professor of English. BA, University of Richmond, 1991; MA, University of Hawaii, 1996; PhD, Georgia State University, 2013

Jonathan Hulgan
Assistant Professor of Mathematics. BA, Rhodes College, 2003, BS, 2003; MS, The University of Memphis, 2006, PhD, 2010 

Adriane L. Ivey
Associate Professor of English. BA, Presbyterian College, 1992; MA, Clemson University, 1995; PhD, University of Oregon, 2000 

Nitya P. Jacob
Professor of Biology. BA, Agnes Scott College, 1995; PhD, The Ohio State University, 2000

Pam Joyce
Visiting Lecturer in Theatre Studies. BFA, University of Evansville, 1995; MFA, University of Minnesota, 2001.

Christina H. Lee
Lecturer in Math. BA, Bryn Mawr College; MS, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

David W. Leinweber
Associate Professor of History. BA, Spring Arbor College, 1987; MA, Michigan State University, 1989, PhD, 1992 

Sharon A. Lewis
Professor of Psychology. BA, St. Mary’s College, 1976; MS, University of Georgia, 1981, PhD, 1985

Christopher Lirette
Visiting Assistant Professor of American Studies. BA, Loyola University, 2007; MA, Cornell University; PhD, Emory University, 2017

Christine Loflin
Associate Professor of English. BA, Bryn Mawr College, 1981; MA, University of Wisconsin at Madison, 1984, PhD, 1989

Michael Martin
Lecturer in Biology. BS, university of North Carolina, 2008; PhD, University of Maryland, 2014

Jennifer McGee
Assistant Professor of Psychology. BA, George Washington University, 2007; MA Emory University, 2009, PhD, 2014

Margaret T. McGehee
Associate Professor of American Studies. BA, Davidson College, 1997; MA, University of Mississippi, 2000; MA Emory University, 2004, PhD, 2007 

Michael M. McQuaide
Professor of Sociology. BA, Florida State University, 1973; MA, Pennsylvania State University, 1976, PhD, 1979 

Sung J. Mo
Lecturer in Chemistry. BA, Whitman College, 1999; PhD, Emory University, 2006 

Joseph C. Moon
Adjunct Lecturer in Educational Studies/Dean of Campus Life. BA, Furman University, 1976; MEd, University of Georgia, 1978, EdD, 2000 

Gregory Moss-Brown
Instructor in Physical Education/Men’s Soccer Coach. BA, Hartwick College, 1986; Msc, Ithaca College, 1991 

Joshua Mousie
Assistant Professor of Philosophy. BA, Union University, 2004; MA, Boston College, 2007; PhD, University of Guelph, 2015

Matthew A. Moyle
Associate Professor of French. BA, Bemidji State University, 1998; MA, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2000, PhD, 2008 

Eve Mullen
Associate Professor of Religion. BA, Washington and Lee University, 1990; MTh, Harvard University, 1992; MA, Temple University, 1996, PhD, 1999 

Annette W. Neuman
Assistant Professor of Chemistry. BS, Davidson College, 2004; PhD, Emory University, 2012 

Jasminka Ninkovic
Associate Professor of Economics. BS, University of Belgrade, 1982; MS, 1993, PhD, Emory University, 2007 

Simbarashe Nkomo
Visiting Assistant Professor in Chemistry. BS, Bindura University, 1999; Med, University of Zimbabwe, 2007; PhD, West Virginia University, 2014 

Ella O’ Kelley
Instructor in Physical Education/Cross Country Coach. BS, University of South Carolina, 2000; MBA, American Intercontinental University, 2005 

Thomas Osburn
Assistant Professor of Physics. BS, Georgia Institute of Technology, 2010; MS, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 2013; PhD, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 2016 

Paul C. Oser
Senior Lecturer in Mathematics and Director, Mathematics Support Center. BS, Georgia Institute of Technology, 1993; MS, University of Akron, 1996 

Patricia L. Owen-Smith
Professor of Psychology. AB, University of Georgia, 1969, MA, 1970, PhD, Georgia State University, 1985

Pablo Palomino
Assistant Professor of Latin American & Caribbean Studies. Licenciado, University of Buenos Aires, 2005; MA, University of California, 2009 PhD, University of California, 2014

Lloyd R. Parker Jr.
Associate Professor of Chemistry. BA, Berry College, 1972; MS, Emory University, 1974; PhD, University of Houston,   1978 

Nicolas Petit
Visiting Assistant Professor in Mathematics. BA, University degli studi di Torino, 2009; MA Darthmouth College, 2013; PhD, Dartmouth College, 2016

Florian Pohl
Associate Professor of Religion. MA, Temple University, 1998; PhD, 2007. Diplom Theologe, Universitat Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany, 2001 

Nichole L. Powell
Associate Professor of Chemistry. BSc, University of the West Indies, Jamaica, West Indies, 1995; PhD, Georgia State University, 2003 

Benjamin A. Purkis
Assistant Professor of Mathematics. BA, Amherst College, 2007; MA, University of Colorado, 2010; PhD, 2014 

Gwendolynne Reid
Assistant Professor and Director, Writing Programs. BA, Bard College, 1999; MA, Hollins University, 2005; MA, North Carolina State University, 2005; PhD, North Carolina State University, 2017

David Resha
Assistant Professor of Film Studies. BA, Vassar College, 2000; MA, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2004; PhD, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2010 

Susan B. Riner
Senior Lecturer in Quantitative Theory and Methods. BA, Georgia State University, 1971, MAT, 1973 

Karen Rogers
Visiting Assistant Professor in Mathematics. BA, California Institute of Technology, 1985; MA, Columbia University, 1986; PhD Columbia University, 1993

Michael K. Rogers
Associate Professor of Mathematics. BA, Reed College, 1985; MA, Columbia University, 1986, MPhil, PhD, 1991 

Teresa Romano
Assistant Professor in Economics. BA, Boston University, 2004; MA, Queen’s University, 2005; MA, Duke University, 2009; PhD. Duke University, 2014

McKenna Rose
Interim Writing Center Director and Visiting Assistant Professor in English. BA, University of Nevada, 2001; MA, University of Nevada, 2006; PhD, Emory University, 2016

Cecilia Rucker
Instructor in Physical Education/Academic Coordinator, Center for Healthful Living. BS, Troy University, 2011; MS, 2013 

Conrad Rucker
Adjunct Instructor in Physical Education. BA, Southern University and A&M College, 1978 

Reza Saadein
Associate Professor of Chemistry. BS, Shiraz University, 1976, MS, 1978; PhD, Syracuse University, 1984 

Austin Scharf
Visiting Lecturer in Chemistry. BS, University of Richmond, 2006; PhD, Harvard University, 2013

Brian Schiffbauer
Instructor in Physical Education/Golf Coach. BA, Lake Erie College, 2009 

Phil N. Segre
Lecturer in Physics. BS, Carnegie-Mellon University, 1985; PhD, University of  Maryland, 1993 

Effrosyni Seitaridou
Associate Professor of Physics. BA, Smith College, 2002; BE, Dartmouth College, 2002; MS, California Institute of Technology, 2004, PhD, 2008 

Deric Shannon
Associate Professor of Sociology. BA, Ball State University, 2002, MA 2004; PhD, University of Connecticut, 2011 

William Shapiro
Professor of Political Science. BA, Brooklyn College, 1968; MA, Cornell University, 1973, PhD, 1978 

Aaron J. Stutz
Associate Professor of Anthropology. BA, Harvard University, 1993; MA, University of Michigan, 1999, PhD, 2002 

LaTonia Taliaferro-Smith
Director of Lab and Lecturer in Biology. BS, Dillard University, 1999; PhD, Howard University, 2004 

Cristina Tarazona
Visiting Lecturer in Spanish. BA, University of Valencia, 1996; MA, Georgia State University, 2000; MA, Georgia State University, 2007 

Erin C. Tarver
Assistant Professor of Philosophy. BA, Palm Beach Atlantic University, 2003; MA, Boston College, 2006; PhD, Vanderbilt University, 2011 

Alexandra Tremblay
Visiting Assistant Professor and Teaching Fellow of Biology. BS, Southern Polytechnic State University, 2010; MS, Georgia State University, 2012; PhD, Georgia State University, 2016 

Katherine Vigilante
Senior Lecturer in Political Science. BA, Emory University, 1992, MA, 2002, PhD, 2010 

Alexandra Vinson Visiting Assistant Professor of Sociology. AA, Oxford College of Emory University, 2005; BA, Emory University, 2007; MA, University of California, 2011; PhD, University of California, 2015

Daniel Walter
Visiting Assistant Professor of English and German. BA, Dickinson College, 2008; MA, Michigan State University, 2011; PhD, Carnegie Mellon University, 2015 

Bao Xueju
Instructor of Chinese. BA, Northeast Normal University, 2002; MA Northeast Normal University, 2005; PhD, Northeast Normal University, 2008

Guibao Yang
Associate Professor of Physical Education. BS, Beijing Institute of Physical Education, 1977; MS, Shenyang Physical Education Institute, 1983; MS, Florida State University, 1993, PhD, 1994

Faculty Emeriti

Monica M. Ali
Professor of Chemistry. AB, Emmanuel College, 1963; MS, Georgetown University, 1968, PhD, 1971; BSRPh, University of Georgia, 1991 

Andrew L. Autry
Professor of Chemistry. BS, University of Georgia, 1956, MS, 1958 

Evelyn C. Bailey
Associate Professor of Mathematics. BA, Emory University, 1970, MAT, 1973; EdS, Georgia State University, 1975, PhD, 1978

Robert Edward Bailey
Associate Professor of Mathematics. BS, Georgia Southern College, 1970; MEd, Armstrong-Savannah State College, 1975; MS, Georgia State University, 1980, PhD, 1982 

William  E. Baird
Professor of Physics. BA, Emory University, 1969; MS, Georgia Institute of Technology, 1972, PhD, 1975, MS, 1983 

Stephen H. Bowen
Dean Emeritus and William R. Kenan, Jr. Professor of Biology. M.A., Indiana University; PhD, Rhodes University

Lucas Carpenter
Charles Howard Candler Professor of English. BS, College of Charleston, 1968; MA, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 1973; PhD, State University of New York at Stony Brook, 1982 

William  B. Cody
Professor of Political Science. AB, University of Georgia, 1971, MA, 1973; PhD, New School for Social Research, 1980; JD, University of Georgia, 1986 

Penelope England
Professor of Physical Education and Dance. BSEd, University of Georgia, 1966, MSEd, 1969; PhD, Louisiana State University, 1983 

Dana Greene
Dean. BA, College of New Rochelle, 1963; MA, Northern Illinois University, 1967; PhD, Emory University, 1971 

Martha Judith Greer
Professor of Physical Education and Dance. AB, LaGrange College, 1957; MEd, Auburn University, 1961; EdD, University of Georgia, 1972

Stephen W. Henderson
Professor of Geology. BS, Indiana University, 1970, AM, 1974; PhD, University of Georgia, 1984

Clark W. Lemons
Professor of English. BA, Oklahoma City University, 1969; MDiv, Union Theological Seminary, 1972; MA, Emory University, 1974, PhD, 1978; MA, St. John’s College, 1998

Kent B. Linville
Dean of Academic Affairs, Chief Academic Officer, Professor of Philosophy. BA, California State University-Northridge, 1967; PhD, University of California-Santa Barbara, 1972 

Frank L. Maddox
Visiting Associate Professor of Economics. BS, Georgia Southern University, 1978; MS, University of Georgia, 1981; PhD, Georgia State University, 1992 

William P. McKibben
Professor of Mathematics. BS, Georgia Institute of Technology, 1961, MS, 1963, PhD, 1973 

Delia Nisbet
Associate Professor of German. MA, Georgia State University, 1987; PhD, Emory University, 1992 

Hoyt P. Oliver
Professor of Religion. BA, Emory University, 1956; STB, Boston University, 1962; PhD, Yale University, 1966 

Neil S. Penn
Professor of History. AB, West Virginia Wesleyan College, 1954; MA, Duke University, 1958; PhD, Emory, 1973

Gretchen E. Schulz
Professor of Humanities. BA, Wellesley College, 1964; MA, University of Wisconsin, 1965, PhD, 1975 

Richard T. Shappell
Professor of Physical Education and Dance. BS, West Chester State College, 1964; MA, Ball State University, 1966; PhD, Florida State University, 1977

Homer F. Sharp Jr.
Professor of Biology. BA, Emory University, 1959; MS, University of Georgia, 1962, PhD, 1970

Theodosia R. Wade
Professor in Pedagogy in Biology. BS, Presbyterian College, 1976; MACT, Auburn University, 1980

James M. Warburton
Professor of Spanish. AB, Middlebury College, 1962, MA, 1967; PhD, Emory University, 1973