Jill P. Adams, PhD
Assistant Director of Programs, Experiential Learning

Stephanie Allen
Associate Dean, Finance and Budget

Rashmi Anand
Admission Advisor, Enrollment Services

Effrem Bailey
Police Officer

Ulysses Banks
Police Officer

Courtney Baron
Teaching and Learning Librarian

Regina Barrett
Senior Associate Director, Programs, Academic Affairs

Fraduntino Barry
Residence Life Coordinator

Kerry Bowden
Coordinator, Archives and Special Collections

Lauren Braun
Associate Dean, Advising Support Center

Jeffery Brooks
Police Officer

Ben Brown
Coordinator, Departmental Computing, Library

Rodger Brunson
Catering Manager, Oxford Dining, Bon  Appetit

Arielle Bryant
Program Coordinator, Center for Academic Excellence

Joy Budensiek
Academic Department Administrator, Natural Science and Mathematics

Joe Burgess
Police Officer

Tammy Camfield
Senior Director of Alumni Relations, Development and Alumni Relations

Ellen Campbell
Administrative Assistant, Dean for Campus Life

Grant Cartwright

Pamela Cassara
Director, Student Health

Jason Cimo
Operating System Analyst/Administration

Jackie Claborn
Receptionist, Student Center

Debra Colbert
Accountant, Financial Services

Yahaira Colon
On-site Manager, Mail and Document Services

Marvlyn Corbin
Administrative Assistant, Library

Bonnie Cowan
Senior Financial Aid Assistant

Wendy Crank
Financial Aid Advisor, Sr.

Emily Culbertson
Associate Director, Financial Aid

Sarah Darden
Assistant Director, Admission

Stephanie Darden
Library Specialist, Sr.

Nathan DeJong
Applications Developer/Analyst, Sr., Information Technology

Tiara DeLapp
Coordinator, Aquatic Program

Danielle Dockery
Manager, Events

Anna Downs
Medical Assistant, PRN

Shawn Eastridge
Social Media Specialist

Michael Edwards
Police Officer

Paula Edwards

Ikeda Evans
Administrative Assistant, History and Social Science Division

Mahbuba Ferdousi
Associate Dean, Information Technology

Karla Fields
Manager, Information Technology

Amanda Fischer
Athletic Trainer

Claudia Fontaine
Coordinator, Resident Life

Cheryl Forman
Secretary, Information Technology

Michaela Foronda
Assistant Director, Student Life

Scott Foster
Director, Academic Technology

Tina Gallagher
Head Women’s Soccer Coach

Krystal Gathright
Coordinator, Intramurals

Ruth Geiger
Assistant Farmer/Educator

Gary Glass
Director, Counseling and Career Services

Kristine Gonsalez
Web Developer, Communications

Roland Gonsalez
Accounting Assistant, Sr., Financial Services

James Gourley
HVAC Mechanic, Physical Plant

Asia Hall
Administrative Assistant, Advising Support Center

Pernilla Hardin
Head Tennis Coach/Instructor in Physical Education

Sharon Harp
Social Worker II

Becky Harrison
Administrative Assistant, Enrollment Services

Tony Heard
Building Mechanic, Physical Plant

Michele Hempfling
Director, Residential Education and Services

Ami Hernandez
Assistant Director, Counseling and Career Center

Ansley Holder
Office Manager, Student Development

Ricardo Horne
Assistant Director, Student Life

Rhiannon Hubert
Assistant Dean and Director of Student Involvement and Leadership

Ian Jesse
Associate Director, Academic Advising

Dawn Jones
Admission Assistant, Senior, Enrollment Services

Heather Jones
Case Manager/Health Educator

Lisa Jones
Online Producer, Communications

Allison Kaczenski
Associate Director of Projects

Dylan Keene
Admission Advisor, Enrollment Services

Tony Kimbrell
Director of Development, Development and Alumni Relations

Anne Knauf
Admission Advisor, Enrollment Services

Paula Knight
Coordinator, Cataloguing and Acquisitions

Stacy Knight
Admission Assistant, Senior, Enrollment Services

Monica Lemoine
Administrative Assistant, Residential Education and Services

Kelley Lips
Associate Dean of Enrollment Services

Janice Ly
Business Operations Specialist, Enrollment   Services

Brandon Mayo
Desktop Consultant, Senior, Information Technology

Katherine McGuire
Director, Institutional Research

Lilia McMichael
Financial Analyst

Wanda McMullen
Coordinator, Transportation Programs

Mary Kathryn McNeill
Dean of the Library

Ambar Mejia
Communications Specialist, Admission

Danielle Miller
Senior Associate Dean of Finance, Operations and Information Technology

Stephanie Mimbs
Residence Life Coordinator

Alan Mitchell
Manager Senior, Operations

Anthony Mize
Coordinator, Diversity

Stephanie Moncada
Director, Registration; Enrollment Services

Carol Moser
Human Resources Associate

Gregory Moss-Brown
Head Men’s Soccer Coach

Sherie Myers
Nurse Practitioner, Student Health Service

Ellen Neufeld
Deputy Director of the Library

Susan Newborn
Division Director of Human Resources

Nicole Nixon
Administrative Assistant, Sr. in Academic Affairs

Kay Norgard
Coordinator, Events

Carlos Northern
Assistant Director, Resident Life

Tina O’Bryant
Administrative Coordinator, Finance

Ella O’Kelley
Cross Country Coach/Instructor in Physical   Education

Daphne Orr
Director of International Student Programs

Lyn Pace

Kate Papchristou
Social Worker II

Daniel Parson
Organic Farmer/Educator

Eric Porter
Driver, Campus Life

Rachael Powell
Senior Facilities Planning Coordinator

Frank Rash
Operating Systems Analyst, Administration

Clayton Ray
Senior Mechanic, Housing

Natalie Raymond
Coordinator, Residence Life

China Redman
Library Specialist

Catherine Reuter
Field Manager, Organic Farm

Christine Richardson
Coordinator, Program, International Student Services

Lenet Rivas
Financial Aid Advisor, Sr.

Jessica Rivers
Interim Art Director, Theater Oxford

Jessica Robinson
Director of Library Finance and Operations

Theresa Robinson
Business Operations Specialist, Enrollment Services

Veronica Roman
Associate Director, Student Involvement/Leadership

Daniel Schmidt
Maintenance Mechanic, Physical Plant

Lisa Schrum
Receptionist, Student Center

Olha Seredyuk
Administrative Assistant, Development and Alumni Relations

Melissa Shrader
Administrative Assistant, Humanities

Linda Sikes
Administrative Assistant, Student Health Service and Counseling and Career Services

Randy Simon
Director, Facilities and Operations

Lavonne Smith
Financial Analyst

Matthew Smith
Client Services Rep II, Information Technology

Kevin Smyrl
Associate Dean and Director of Development and Alumni Relations

Eddie Somerville
Police Officer

Kaylin Spell
Nurse Practitioner

Cecily Spindel
Admission Advisor

Dennis Spruell
Assistant Athletic Director, Facilities and Recreation

Cynthia Stinson
Nurse Practitioner

Brian Stocks
Academic Technology Specialist III

Roderick Stubbs
Director, Athletics and Head Basketball Coach

Karen Summers
Executive Administrative Assistant to Dean

Erin Taylor
Athletic Trainer

Seth Tepfer
Manager, Information Technology

Timothy Terry
Athletics/Facilities Assistant

Stacey Stobaugh Towler
Associate Director, Admission

Daniel Trammell
Business Analyst II, Enrollment  Services

Corbett Tucker
Lead Grounds Keeper, Physical Plant

Astrid Varner
Medical Assistant

Adrienne Vinson Waddey
Associate Director of Development, Development and Alumni Relations

Robert S. Walker
Police Captain/Supervisor

Lisa Ward
Educational Analyst II

Chris Widmer

Wanda Willis
Manager, Oxford Bookstore

Catherine T. Wooten
Director, Communications

Amanda Yu-Nguyen
Director, Center for Healthful Living