Computer Science

Our computer science program focuses on fundamental computing concepts and general programming principles.

Computer Science 170

Introduction to Computer Science I

Fall or Spring. Credit, four hours. An introduction to computer science for the student who needs to be able to program for course work or research. Topics include: fundamental computing concepts, general programming principles, and the Java programming language. Emphasis will be on algorithm development with examples highlighting topics in data structures. Required for beginning computer science majors. Needed for mathematics majors and pre-engineering majors in the 3-2 program with Georgia Tech. Has a one-hour lab.

Computer Science 171

Introduction to Computer Science II


On demand. Credit, four hours. Prerequisite: Permission of instructor. This course is a continuation of CS 170. Emphasis is on the use and implementation of data structures, fundamental algorithms with introductory algorithm analysis, and object oriented design and programming with Java.

Computer Science 297R

Directed Study

Same as Mathematics 297R.