Oxford's German courses cover cultural, literary and historical topics relevant to the German-speaking world. 

German 101

Elementary German I


Fall. Credit, four hours. First in a series of courses designed to train students to hear, speak, read, and write German. Oral practice is emphasized, and cultural topics are introduced.

German 102

Elementary German II


Spring. Credit, four hours. Continuation of German 101 with an increased emphasis on speaking German. Topics on Germany and German culture.

German 201

Intermediate German I


Fall. Credit, four hours. Prerequisite: Elementary German II or permission of instructor. Systematic review of German grammar, introduction to historical and comparative grammar, and practice in writing German prose.

German 202

Intermediate German II


Spring. Credit, four hours. Prerequisite: Intermediate German I or permission of instructor. Intensive practice in using spoken German, based on reading of short literary works, and an introduction to literary study.

German 297R

Special Topics in German Literature

TBA. Prerequisite: German 202. Credit, four hours. Individual literary topics may vary. May be repeated for credit when topic changes.