Political Science

Political Science describes and analyzes political life. Oxford’s courses focus on political philosophy, U.S. government and international relations.

Political Science 100

National Politics in the United States


Fall. Credit, four hours. Prerequisite/Co-requisite: Political Science 101. Origins, principles, structures, processes, and practices of American government from a political science perspective. Emphasizes on democratic foundations, lining processes, government institutions, and policy making.

Political Science 101

Introduction to Politics


Fall, Spring. Credit, four hours. This course is a co-requisite for Political Science 100, 110, and 120, and a prerequisite for all other political science courses. Approaches to the study of politics and comparison of political systems, including democratic and authoritarian regimes, within the context of Western civilization.

Political Science 110

Introduction to International Politics


TBA. Credit, four hours. Prerequisite/Co-requisite: Political Science 101. Introduction to analytical concepts, the nature of the interstate system, the assumptions and ideas of diplomacy, and the determinants of foreign policy.

Political Science 113

The Genesis of Three Major World Issues

Spring, on demand. Credit, one hour. Prerequisite: Political Science 101. Without this course the student would not have the knowledge they need to gain advantage from it. A consideration of three international issues and their relation to justice.

Political Science 120

Introduction to Comparative Politics


Fall, Spring. Credit, four hours. Prerequisite/Co-requisite: Political Science 101. This course provides an introduction to the comparative study of modern political systems. It outlines the major concepts and methods of comparative political analysis and applies them to a selection of advanced industrial democracies, communist and post-communist states, and developing countries. In each case, we will examine the key institutions and patterns of political behavior, as well as, the historical and social context of present-day politics.

Political Science 200

Intermediate National Politics of the US


Spring. Credit, four hours. This is the second course in American government. The course moves analysis of American politics from the examination of individual institutions and mass political behavior to the analysis of how the public, elected officials, and political institutions interact to govern and make public policy. We do this to understand how our system actually works and evaluate how our democratic system is performing. Prerequisite: Political Science 100; Pre or Co-requisite Pols 101.

Political Science 210

Intermediate International Politics


Spring. Credit, Four hours. This is an advanced survey of current research and topics in international relations. This course will continue to introduce students to topics of inquiry and methods in the field of international relations. Prerequisite: POLS 110; Co-Requisite/Prerequisite POLS 101. 

Political Science 220

Intermediate Comparative Politics

Spring. Credit, four hours. This intermediate course in comparative politics examines two core challenges of democratic and autocratic governance—how power is constructed and maintained, and how public policy is constructed and implemented. Prerequisite: Pols 120; Co-Requisite/Prerequisite: Pols 101. 

Political Science 208

Research Design Methods


Spring. Credit, four hours. This course provides an introduction to the theory and method of contemporary political analysis. You will learn how to conduct research in political science as a social scientist by practicing the ways of inquiry used by most political scientists. This practice includes: how to formulate research questions and subsequent hypotheses; how to design a research plan; determining what methodologies are appropriate; and employing strategies and techniques for collecting data. POLS 208 is mandatory for majors in political science or international studies at Emory University. The department strongly encourages all students to take this course during their first two years to prepare themselves for upper-level coursework. Prerequisite: QTM 100 and POLS 101. 

Political Science 301

Classical Political Thought


Fall. Credit, four hours. Prerequisite: Political Science 101. Beginnings of the Western political heritage as shaped by the great political thinkers from Plato to Marsilius.

Political Science 302

Modern Political Thought


Spring. Credit, four hours. Prerequisite: Political Science 101. Political thought in the modern period, from Machiavelli through the nineteenth century.

Political Science 303

American Political Thought to 1912


Spring. Credit, four hours. Prerequisite: Political Science 101. History of American political thought from the founding to the Progressives, with primary attention to views on democracy, liberty, equality, property, and the Union.

Political Science 306

Human Nature in Politics from the Feminine Perspective


Spring (alternate years). Credit, four hours. Prerequisite: Political Science 101 or permission of instructor. A survey course in political philosophy, ancient to modern. It investigates the theme of human nature by consideration of varying views of the feminine.

Political Science 320WR

Political Violence


Spring. Credit, four hours. Prerequisites: Political Science 101 and Political Science 110 or Political Science 120. This course introduces students to social scientific explanations for the causes, consequences, and resolution of insurgency and terrorism. Students use theoretical models to analyze major developments in world events. This course is designed to allow student to engage critically and seriously with recent scholarship on a variety of forms of political violence and violent conflict.

Political Science 352

Constitutional Law


Fall. Credit, four hours. Prerequisite: Political Science 101; and Political Science 100 or permission of instructor. Basic principles of the United States Constitution and powers of the national and state governments, examined through US Supreme Court decisions and secondary works.

Political Science 353

Civil Liberties


Spring. Credit, four hours. Prerequisites: Political Science 101; Political Science 100 suggested but not required. Examination of individual liberties guaranteed by the United States Constitution, including freedom of expression and religion; the right to privacy; and the right against age, sex, race, or economic discrimination.

Political Science 354

Criminal Justice


Fall. Credit, four hours. Prerequisites: Political Science 101, 100 suggested. Examination of the various stages of the criminal justice process in the United States and the constitutional rights accorded to the criminally accused.

Political Science 385R

Special Topics in Political Science

TBA. Credit, four hours. Prerequisite: Political Science 101 and permission of both instructor and chair of the History and Social Sciences Division. May be repeated for credit when topic varies. Seminar and/or advanced class in selected political science topics. Primarily for students interested in politics.

Political Science 397R

Directed Study

TBA. Variable credit. Prerequisites: Political Science 101, two other political science courses, and permission of instructor. Independent reading and research under the direction of a faculty member. This course does not satisfy distribution requirements in history and social sciences.