Theater Studies

Theater studies includes courses in acting, the history of the theater and theater design.

Theater Studies 120

Introduction To Acting


Fall. Credit, four hours. A hands-on course in acting technique that also requires written and verbal reflection. The course introduces the student to the following: warm-ups, improvisation, theater games, character study, including written character scene work, collaborative presentations, and a final public performance that coalesces around one theme or one play. Students receive regular feedback from the instructor. Students read and study complete plays in order to create characters for scenes.

Theater Studies 200R

Fall, Spring. Variable credit. Prerequisite: previous theater experience at Oxford and permission of instructor. Advanced work in theater to include one or more of the following: directing, lighting, set design, and playwriting. May be repeated for credit.

Theater Studies 215

History Of Drama And Theater I


(Same as English 215) Spring. Credit, four hours. The history of theater from the ancient Greeks to the eighteenth century. Primarily literary analysis of representative plays, with attention paid to audiences and historical context. Areas of concentration are Greek tragedy, Shakespeare, and eighteenth-century comedy. Class time is mostly taken up in discussion. The course is required for theater majors, but counts toward the English major, and is a good course for any student interested in close textual analysis and in discussion of the important ideas of Western culture and civilization.

Theater Studies 216

History Of Drama And Theater II


(Same as English 216) Fall. Credit, four hours. A history of the theater from the eighteenth century through the twentieth century, focusing on representative dramatic works and on the actor, staging, and audience as they have influenced the development of drama and the theater in the modern period. May be taken without Theater 215. Required for theater studies majors.