Women's, Gender, And Sexuality Studies

Women's, Gender, And Sexuality Studies 100

Introduction To Women’s Studies


Fall. Credit, four hours. A survey course introducing the fundamental concepts and tools of analyses in the academic field of women’s studies, including the social practices, cultural representations and institutions that establish masculinity and femininity as normative and a historical presentation of feminist movements, both nationally and globally, to understand the significant impact of feminist activism on our lives.

Women's, Gender, And Sexuality Studies 200

Gender, Race, Class And Sexuality


Fall, Spring. Credit, four hours. Interdisciplinary and cross-cultural examination of race, gender, class, and sexuality as they contribute to shaping the lives and identity formation of diverse women in the United States.

Women's, Gender, And Sexuality Studies 300

Transnational Feminisms: Activision In Global Contexts


Spring. Credit, four hours. Prerequisite: WGS 100 or WGS 200. Students will explore the processes involved in the cultural construction of the gender categories. We will analyze power differentials in various cultural contexts. Specifically studying feminist activism in selected countries.

Women's, Gender, And Sexuality Studies 305

Psychology of Gender


Fall. Credit, four hours. Prerequisite: Psychology 110 or Psychology 111. This course is a theoretical and empirical examination of gender roles and an exploration of myths, theories, and research, behavior and experience, and sex and gender in social relationships.

Women's, Gender, And Sexuality Studies 385R

Special Topics In Women’s, Gender, And Sexuality Studies

(HAP Or HSC, Depending On Topic)/Cross-Listed For Philosophy 382R

On demand. Credit, four hours. Individual topics and problems in Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies vary. May be repeated for credit when topic changes.