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It’s your turn to soar.

Oxford College is one of two entry points for first-year Emory University undergraduates, providing an exceptional liberal arts foundation for students in their first two years of college.

The first two years of an undergraduate education are an optimal time for intellectual discovery. Our liberal arts­–intensive curriculum is designed to help students explore a variety of disciplines and find the major that is right for them. Although our faculty are actively engaged in their own academic pursuits and research, their first obligation is to teaching. Students have direct access to their professors, and there are no teaching assistants in the classroom.

Professors get to know their students well and interact with them frequently outside the classroom. Through Oxford's Ways of Inquiry and theory practice/service learning classes, students learn the fundamental concepts and principles of subjects, but then move into the realm of real-world discovery through research and work in community settings.

Oxford is a great fit for students who want to know those around them well and to have a sense of belonging to a committed group of scholars.

On a typical four-year campus, first- and second-year students must defer to juniors and seniors in course selection and in campus activities. At Oxford, students from both classes run clubs and organizations, are first-string varsity athletes, and win leads in arts performances. Because of this, Oxford students tend to stand out as academic and social leaders when they arrive on the Atlanta campus for their final two years of study. 

Set out on a path of discovery

Liberal Arts Like No Other
We're a teaching community completely focused on first- and second-year students, so you'll find a phenomenal foundation at Oxford for whatever path you choose.
Living at Oxford
In Oxford's close-knit and inclusive community, students of diverse backgrounds live and learn together in the rigorous academic environment for which Emory is known.