An Oxford student performs an experiment in the lab.

Student Research

Oxford provides many opportunities for you to conduct professional research in your first and second years of college in academic areas that interest you.

Our students—in their first and second years at college—work independently and with faculty on research projects in a wide range of subject areas. Take a look at how they gain experience as they learn.

I was forced to think about stuff that as an undergrad, I didn’t feel qualified to answer, and I realized I was more capable than I thought.

Oxford Research Scholar Ellie Agler

Research Scholars Program

Students chosen as Oxford Research Scholars will work directly with faculty members for a full academic year on research projects. Faculty members in the humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, mathematics, and physical education have worked with dozens of students on a variety of projects. 

You’ll present your work during the annual Oxford Research Scholars Spring Symposium. As a participant, you’ll learn how research leads to knowledge creation, get introduced to current research within your discipline, and learn how research is organized and funded. 

If you engage in research as a second-year student, you’ll be able to compete with juniors and seniors when applying for summer internships. You could also be chosen to participate in Emory’s Undergraduate Research programs after completing your Oxford degree requirements. 

The Oxford Research Scholars program reflects our commitment to involving first-year and second-year students in the research process. Participation in this program is by invitation only. Students interested in participating in this program can contact a professor whose research interests them. 

Summer Undergraduate Research at Emory/Oxford

The SURE–Oxford program is an extension of Emory’s Summer Undergraduate Research Experience (SURE) program. In SURE-Oxford, you’ll work with Oxford faculty for 10 weeks in the summer as a researcher on projects in the areas of environmental science, biology, chemistry, or visual art. 

After conducting your research, you’ll present your research posters in the Oxford Science Building and on the Atlanta campus to showcase your results. You’ll also participate in the larger SURE program on the Atlanta campus in weekly career mentoring and ethics sessions.