Oxford students assist clients at a local food bank.

Community Engaged Learning

At Oxford, we know that learning by doing works. That’s why our curriculum includes community engaged learning. Our students use their classroom knowledge to enhance our community, solving problems and making a difference as they learn.

Our Community Engaged Learning (CEL) classes combine theory with practice. You’ll apply what you’ve learned in the classroom through service work in local metro Atlanta communities and around the world.

Whether you’re practicing participant observation in a cultural anthropology course or teaching elementary school children probability and statistics, through community engaged learning courses, you’ll develop the tools to solve problems and expand your understanding of the world around you.

Oxford students spend
hours a year serving the community

“I think that my biggest gains through this course have been in grasping the weight of poverty, malnourishment, and teacher and parent support in a child’s life. We discussed these concepts in class throughout the semester and especially in the last few weeks, but seeing them in person amplified their magnitude."

Student Rachael Gilbert

CEL Classes

With Community Engaged Learning (CEL) classes, students serve as tutors, mentors, counselors, and advocates for children and adults at community agencies, child care centers, and schools. Here are a few examples.

Travel to a state prison to discuss plays with incarcerated students

English 311: Shakespeare and Law

Study Shakespeare’s plays that center on trials, law, and punishment in the classroom and travel to a state prison 49 miles south of Oxford to discuss the same plays with incarcerated students.

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Work with a community partner that serves youth.

Psychology 311: Adolescent Psychology

Work with a community partner that serves youth, such as a local school or social service agency. You’ll be challenged to connected the theory on adolescent development studied in class to your experiences off campus.

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Interact weekly with the local Hispanic community by working with after-school programs.

Spanish 201QE: Identity & Immigration 1

Interact weekly with the local Hispanic community by working with after-school programs that meet with ages 5-12 for homework help or with students in various ESL classrooms in the Newton County School system.

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