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Staying power.

We’re located in the place where Emory was founded more than 175 years ago. When the university expanded to Atlanta in 1919, Oxford College continued as part of Emory on the original Oxford campus. Emory’s oldest buildings are found here.

Emory University’s two undergraduate colleges, Oxford College and Emory College, both have roots on Oxford’s campus. It's where Emory College was established in 1836, when it began to shape a generation of leaders in the South, the nation and beyond.

Today, Oxford College is one of two choices for entering Emory undergraduates. Oxford provides a distinctive, liberal arts–focused education for the first and second years of college in a small-town, close-knit setting. Students excel here as leaders inside and outside the classroom.

As juniors, Oxford students move on to Emory’s Atlanta campus, where they continue to stand out as leaders and pursue their bachelor’s degree in the liberal arts, business, or nursing.

One of Emory’s nine undergraduate, graduate and professional schools, Oxford is among its most diverse. The campus is particularly community-oriented, with students and professors as partners in learning. Oxford alumni continue to be loyal supporters of their college, long after graduation.

As Emory undergraduates, Oxford students have full access to the University’s resources and programs. A shuttle runs between the Atlanta and Oxford campuses several times a day and more frequently on weekends.

Next steps in your Emory journey

Start and finish strong

All Emory undergraduates have a choice to make as they approach their junior year. They can continue to study the liberal arts in Emory College, nursing in the Nell Hodgson Woodruff School of Nursing, or they can choose to apply to Goizueta Business School.

Oxford students get to know the Atlanta campus before they arrive there in their third year. The residential and academic transition is made smooth by experiences such as joint student orientation activities with Emory College and intentional preparation in the second year for the move to Atlanta.
Two paths through Emory University, starting with Oxford or Emory College

Two Paths to Begin, Three Paths to Finish

One of two entry points to Emory University, Oxford provides an intensive liberal arts experience to begin your undergraduate degree. Then you can continue to Emory College, the Nell Hodgson Woodruff School of Nursing, or Goizueta Business School.

Our Location

It's a short drive between the Oxford and Atlanta campuses. You can plan your visit to see both in one day.


Our History

Oxford and Emory's history are intertwined with that of the early Methodist Church, which received a charter for a new liberal arts college in 1836.

It All Starts Here
Oxford is an academically equivalent, environmentally distinct college option for Emory undergraduates.