Campus connections.

Oxford College considers our campus diversity one of our greatest strengths. Whether you’re learning about a Hindu festival, discovering what makes a perfect empanada, or meeting someone you don’t know from your home city, these experiences can truly transform your worldview. It’s not something we can teach you in a classroom. It’s something that comes from the students you meet, the experiences you share, and the openness of your own mind.

At Oxford, you'll meet students like Jhenelle Elder, a neuroscience and behavioral biology major from Trinidad and Tobago, who started her undergraduate journey at Oxford and looked forward to her college experience exposing her to people of different cultures, ethnicity, religions—and, of course, nationalities.

In order to explore diversity on campus you must allow yourself to become immersed in it and keep an open mind.
Jhenelle Elder 15OC 17EC

While she saw plenty of international diversity at Oxford, Jhanelle also noted the vast amount of diversity that exists within the United States. “Diversity simply means variety, a variety of people coming together in a common place,” she says. “Each individual has different experiences in life that Emory University allows us to share as a community.”

Jhenelle discovered Oxford while researching colleges with her brother. She chose to attend Oxford without ever setting foot campus. Why? Our focus on building a tight-knit community made her feel like Oxford was where she could find a place to fit in.

“I have certainly grown through my experiences here at Oxford College, where diversity exists all around me,” she says. “I have become an even more open-minded person and learned to value others’ opinions and experiences.”

This is the time for you to make new friends from around the world. Everyone has a story to tell, and you can learn new things from them.
Mario Costa 14OC 16EC

A classmate of Jhenelle’s, Mario Costa is a marketing and international business major from Ecuador. Mario has enjoyed sharing his heritage with his classmates and considers himself lucky to have made a friend from every single inhabited continent.

Coming from a small high school to Oxford took Mario out of the “bubble” he was used to back home. At Oxford, Mario embraced new cultural experiences.

“Don’t limit your acquaintances just to people like you, or those with your same beliefs or opinions,” he says. “Being exposed to such a diverse student body will only help you, and allow you to feel confident with who you are and where you come from.”

It takes all kinds to make a world

Oxford’s embrace of diversity is multidimensional. We pride ourselves on the mix of people, beliefs, values and social circles that make up our campus.

Here, a diverse community is composed not only of different ethnicities, races, and religions but of different social backgrounds, locations and life experiences as well. Student clubs and associations such as the Muslim Student Association, Oxford Pride and the Black Student Alliance host events to promote unity on our campus. 

In fact, all kinds of student organizations seek to promote understanding of differences through meetings, campuswide programs, and charitable efforts. Campus groups are open to any Oxford student and are chartered through the Oxford College Student Government Association and include the African Caribbean Students Union, the Hindu Student Association, and OLE (Organización de la Lengua Española). No matter what your heritage or background, you're able to try any club on for size and see how well it fits.