a group of Oxford College students recently traveled to Spain to study global political economy.

Global Learning

There’s a whole planet to explore. Travel courses at Oxford combine academics with experience as you study in communities across Georgia, the US, and the world.

Our for-credit travel courses provide a rigorous academic experience and unique opportunities for personal development. From learning to assess real-life situations to honing the social skills to be an effective leader, our travel courses will push you to grow.

Listening and learning from people who live day to day through what you might read in a textbook is unparalleled. This trip fomented countless points of reflection and criticism regarding our current conditions in the United States and globally.

Student Mariana Guerrico-Hatch
studying sociology, Spanish, and Portuguese

Travel as Course Work

Students in front of a mural that reads "We are what we are doing to change who we are."

Global Political Economy & Sustainability

See the political economic realities you discuss in your sociology class at work in everyday life in Spain. Travel to Madrid, Segovia, Toledo, San Sebastian, and Mondragon.

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Students deepened their philosophy knowledge while touring Germany.

Globalizing the Frankfurt School

Interact with your German peers and delve into philosophy. Travel to Konstanz, Berlin, and Frankfurt, Germany.

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Noncredit Travel Programs

Oxford students explore and make art on New York City streets.

Global Connections

Explore and connect your spiritual, religious, and personal convictions by examining issues of justice including peace, poverty, human rights, and the environment.

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Students traveled to South Africa as part of Global Journeys.


Travel to communities in the US and abroad that have a history of conflict, violence, or exploitation.

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