Oxford recognized students with awards sponsored by Phi Eta Sigma Honor Society.

Oxford College Awards

Oxford College is proud to recognize these students for their outstanding scholarship and leadership, in cooperation with Phi Eta Sigma Honor Society. Oxford also announces the recipients of several prominent named scholarships.

Academic Awards

Division of History and Social Sciences

Ina Jane Wundrum Anthropology Award

Recipient: Alaina Gibson

The Ina Jane Wundrum Anthropology Award, named after Oxford’s first anthropology professor, recognizes the student who is exceptional in both cultural and biological anthropology.

Economics Award

Recipient: Rukmini Kalamangalam

The Economics Award is given to a sophomore who has the breadth of economics courses taken at Oxford, stellar grades received in economics courses taken at Oxford, and the service in the area of economics at Oxford such as serving as a supplemental instructor.

American History Award

Recipient: Bryn Walker

The American History Award is given to someone who has engaged deeply in three or more American History courses revealing a keen understanding of historical evidence and analysis in the scholarly work done for each class.

Western Civilization Award in History

Recipients: Alex Levine and Katie Dorton

The Western Civilization Award in History is given to someone who writes excellent essays, who has a broad and substantive historical perspective, and who shows the makings of an outstanding classroom teacher.

Linguistics Award

Recipient: Hye Min Yoon

The Linguistics Award honors a high-achieving student who has shown insightful contributions and exceptional dedication to the study of linguistics at Oxford. Selection takes into consideration success in linguistics courses and empirical research completed outside the classroom.

Patti Owen-Smith Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Award

Recipients: Hannah Risman and Mackenzie White

The Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Award (WGSS) is presented annually to a student who exemplifies a critical curiosity about the world and commitment to expanding the feminist imagination.  The award winner will have taken at least two courses in the field of WGSS. They will be presented with a token that reflects their scholarly interests.

Outstanding Psychology Student Award

Recipients: Frankie King III and Tyler Swedan

The Outstanding Psychology Student Award is given to a student who has taken at least three courses offered by the psychology department. The student must have made a valuable contribution to these courses in terms of participation and leadership and show great promise for future achievement.

Michael McQuaide Sociology Student of the Year Award

Recipients: Kylett Jones, Anusha Kurapati, and Jordan Hasty

The Sociology Student of the Year Award honors a high-achieving sociology student who has taken at least twelve hours of sociology classes in their time at Oxford and has maintained a 3.75 GPA average within those courses. Student selections are made based on grades, engagement, and a capacity to see the world through the sociological imagination, connecting daily life to larger institutional patterns.

Neuroscience and Behavioral Biology Award

Recipient: Molina Zhang

The award in Neuroscience and Behavioral Biology recognizes a student who has not only excelled in classes associated with the major, but also demonstrated intellectual curiosity through independent research in the laboratory.

Division of Humanities

English Award

Recipient: Audrey Ruan

The English Award is given annually to rising juniors who plan to major in English at Emory College, who have performed well in their English courses while at Oxford, and who show a genuine passion for literature and writing.

The Mark Twain German Studies Award

Recipient: Lilith Edwards

The Mark Twain German Studies Award honors a student that has shown a dedication to German studies through their varied coursework, engagement outside of the class in German Club, German-related events, and/or study abroad opportunities to a German-speaking country. Especially important for this award is continued resilience in the struggle to learn German as a foreign language.

Music Award

Recipient: Emma Chatson

The Music Award is given to a student who has shown excellence in the study of music for four semesters.

Philosophy Award

Recipient: Ashley Bruder

The Philosophy Award is presented annually to the most outstanding prospective major or minor in philosophy. The award winner must exhibit outstanding performance across all philosophy courses taken at Oxford and must have taken at least three such courses. The philosophy faculty present the award winner with a book specifically chosen for them, based on their individual philosophical interests.

Excellence in Spanish Award

Recipient: Ashley Powell

The Excellence in Spanish Award requires consistent enrollment during four semesters in a Spanish course with final grades of 94 or higher. In addition to superior recommendations from Spanish professors, each recipient must display curiosity and passion for Hispanic culture, understand the need for cultural competence, and have consistently participated in extra-curricular events and work related to Hispanic culture while on Oxford's campus.

Outstanding Student in French Award

Recipient: Noreen Ocampo

The Outstanding Student in French award recognizes a dedicated student with consistently excellent performance in multiple French courses, curiosity and passion for French and Francophone culture, and steady improvement in written and oral expression in French.

Oxford Writing Center Award

Recipients: Katie Balderson and Emily Kim

The Oxford Writing Center Award is given annually to writing consultants who have demonstrated exceptional commitment, creativity, and thoughtfulness in supporting the writing development of fellow Oxford students and in inspiring fellow writing consultants to deepen their own professionalism and reflective practice.

Humanities Award

Recipient: Catherine Grace Hay

The Humanities Award is given by the whole division. The student must have taken courses in three different departments in the division and intends to major in a humanities discipline. Consideration is also given to the number of courses taken in the humanities and current GPA.

Division of Natural Science and Mathematics

Biology Faculty Award

Recipients: Caroline Lamberts, Sabrina Jin, and Nick An

This Biology Faculty Award is given to students who have taken several biology courses and have provided valuable service to the department. 

Curry T. Haynes Biology Award

Recipient: Summer Bushman

This award is given in honor of Curry T. Haynes, professor of biology at Oxford College, who was an inspirational teacher in the classroom and in the laboratory. It is given to students who have demonstrated a genuine passion for biology and have excelled in several biology courses beyond the introductory curriculum.

Chemistry Academic Excellence Award

Recipient: Yiran Zhang

The Chemistry Academic Excellence Award is the top academic award given by the Chemistry Department. It is given to a student who has demonstrated a genuine passion for chemistry and has excelled in three or more chemistry courses at Oxford. This student is a role model for fellow classmates by exhibiting curiosity and positive contributions to classes and labs.

Chemistry Research Excellence Award

Recipient: Tiffany Hung

The Chemistry Research Excellence Award is the top research award given by the Chemistry Department. It is given to a student who has demonstrated a genuine passion and dedication to research. This student committed at least two semesters to work on a research project and presented the work to communities beyond the chemistry department. This student is a role model for fellow students by exhibiting curiosity and positive contributions to classes and labs.

Chemistry Service Award

Recipient: Brianna Richardson

The Chemistry Service Award is presented to a student who has provided valuable service to the department and demonstrated a genuine passion for helping other students. The student who has gone above and beyond their assigned duties to support the Chemistry Department community.

Dan C. Moore Award

Recipient: Siwei Xu
The Dan C. Moore Award is given to the sophomore student who best has demonstrated excellence in achievement in mathematics while enrolled as a student at Oxford College.

Mathematics Award

Recipient: Sophie Hardin

The Mathematics Award is given to the student who has made significant contributions to the mathematics department and for excellent academic achievements.

William H. Murdy Natural Science and Mathematics Award

Recipient: Daniil Huryn

This award is presented in honor of Dr. William H. Murdy who gave a total of 40 years of service to Emory University. It is given every year to a student who has excelled in natural science and mathematics, including coursework in at least 2 different departments within the division, with a minimum GPA of 3.7 in science and math courses, and who has made a significant contribution to the division. 

William Baird Physics Award

Recipients: Talyn Fan and Daniil Huryn

The William Baird Physics Award is given in honor of Dr. William Baird who taught physics at Oxford College for many years before his retirement in 2008. It is given to an outstanding physics student who exhibited an excellent performance in at least three courses offered by the department, showed curiosity and enthusiasm about the field, and made significant contributions to the department and the discipline.

Leadership Awards

The Gold and Blue Group: Campus Life Leadership Awards

Recipients: Neha Ali, Joshua Anderson, Jaya Brizendine, Jamie Constantine, Olivia Dietzel, Rachel Ding, Ava Erulker, Arpita Gaggar, Kailey Graziotto, Sofia Hassapis, Jordan Hasty, Afsha Hossain, Briana John, Kylett Jones, Sruti Kumar, Sam Lucius, Raquel Luna, Odudu Mbaba, Eden Medina, Alejandra Medina-Reyes, Prudence Nkansah, Richard Nwakamma, Nick Paschetto, Ansh Patel, Shreya Sharma, Margo Shen, Michelle Tan, Mackenzie White, Jack Wolfram, and Molina Zhang

The Gold and Blue Group Leadership Awards recognize a selective group of second-year students for their exemplary leadership and community service at Oxford College. 

Pierce Certificate in Leadership

Recipients: Lily Xie, Jack Wolfram, Jamie Constantine, MacKenzie Temple, Quin Goodman, Ama Frimpong Ansah, and Kriti Rastogi

The Pierce Certificate in Leadership is presented annually to a cohort of second-year students who have completed the rigorous co-curricular and curricular requirements of the Pierce Leadership Certificate Program. Through this program, students learn the fundamental principles and practices of good leadership, acquire a greater awareness of issues of social justice, and become more committed to civic engagement and ethical action. 

William H. Murdy Athletics Award for Outstanding Achievement in Athletics, Academics, and Service

Recipient: Cody Lu

This award, named after Dean of the College, William Murdy (1987-1999), is presented to a student athlete who demonstrates the trifecta of excellence in athletics, academics, and service. 

Tarbutton Leadership Fellows

Recipients: Akash Shanmugam, Grace Engel, Ruth Tilus, Jonathan Chen, Alex Zhong, and Sarah Corasanti

Established through a generous gift by Hugh McMaster Tarbutton 84Ox in memory of his father, Hugh Tarbutton Sr. 52Ox 55B, this leadership program provides support for 3-5 current first-year students to develop distinctive academic, co-curricular, and/or experiential opportunities to develop their individual leadership capacities. A grant funds these students for a unique educational and leadership experience prior to their sophomore year that they design. Nominators consider students’ demonstrated potential for excellence, both academically and in their future vocations. Classroom performance and GPA is a critical component of this assessment. Nominators are also encouraged to consider other building blocks of excellence and success, such as adaptability when confronted with a new or challenging environment/circumstance, time management skills, and excellence in team building or collaboration.


Oxford College Alumni Board Scholarship

Recipient: Joyce Liu

The Alumni Board Scholarship was first awarded in 2008 and provides a $5,000 award for the sophomore year. The scholarship is to be awarded to an Oxford College rising sophomore who, through community involvement and personal initiative, exemplifies the ideals of what it means to be an alumnus/alumna of Oxford. The recipient should be someone who cares about Oxford, exhibits leadership potential, and exemplifies the spirit and mission of Oxford College. They also care deeply for her/his fellow students, school, and community. 

Lisa Friddell Award

Recipient: Antara Chaudhuri

The Lisa Friddell Award was established in 1996 in memory of Dr. B. Lisa Friddell 86Ox 88C. The physicians and coworkers of Affinity Health Group in Albany, Georgia, funded the award to be given to a student who plans to pursue the study of medicine. The award goes to a rising sophomore who is an excellent student in science and mathematics.

Brad Edwards Scholarship

Recipients: Jacob Marcus and Hannah Kreuziger

Established in 1990 in memory of Oxford student Bradley Patrick Edwards by his parents, Mr. And Mrs. J. Joseph Edwards, and friends. The one-half tuition scholarship is presented to two rising sophomores at Oxford College with outstanding character and who cares deeply for his or her fellow students, school, and community as demonstrated by broad-based involvement and leadership. The recipient must maintain a 2.5 GPA while at Oxford.

Sammy Clark Scholarship

Recipient: Myles Johnson

The Sammy Clark Scholarship was established to honor former Oxford Chaplain Sammy Clark. It is awarded to an Oxford College student at the end of their first year for having exemplified the ideals of service and volunteerism through community involvement and personal initiative. The recipient has proven to be someone who is a servant leader and has exhibited genuine concern for the needs of their fellow human beings. 

Jennifer Evans Memorial Scholarship

Recipient: Tian (Sally) Zhang  

The Jennifer Evans Memorial Scholarship is awarded annually to a rising senior at Emory College. Jennifer Lea Evans, a 21-year-old Oxford College alumna and Emory College student, died in June 1995.  She had dreams of one day becoming a physician involved in children’s rehabilitative medicine. The awardee must have aspirations to care for children in a health-related profession, demonstrated experience working with children, a 3.3 GPA, and a major in natural science or mathematics. The award is to cover educational expenses in his or her senior year at Emory College. Oxford College graduates are encouraged to apply.

Sara Gregory Memorial Scholarship

Recipient: Hannah Jarvis

The Sara Gregory Memorial Scholarship was established by Sara’s husband John Gregory, an English professor at Oxford College, to honor his wife who was a long-time College Librarian at Oxford. Sara’s most important and lasting contributions to the College was her care and concern for the students and the entire Oxford community. The award provides financial support to a rising second-year student and an outstanding student employee of the library. 

Johnston-Life of Georgia Scholarship

Recipient: Jaden Faunce 

This scholarship is given each year to an Oxford graduate who will be continuing his or her education at the Goizueta Business School. It is named for Lynn Johnston, a 1950 graduate of Oxford and a 1952 graduate of the BBA Program. Johnston was president of the Life of Georgia until his retirement in 1992. The scholarship was endowed through a gift from his company after his retirement and is awarded annually to an incoming BBA student. This scholarship recognizes the achievements of students who have contributed not only to Oxford but who show promise to continue to make a valuable contribution to university life. 

John and Ouida Temple Scholarship

Recipient: Bryn Walker

Emory College established this scholarship in honor of John Temple’s retirement from Emory University in June 2003. John Temple served as the University’s executive vice president and chief operating officer after 20 years of service.

Dr. and Mrs. Floyd C. Watkins Scholarship

Recipient: Wren Nelson

Named in honor of the late professor Floyd C. Watkins, Emory University Charles Howard Candler Professor of American Literature, to offer support to recipients defined in accordance with his wishes, this scholarship is awarded to a rising sophomore from the South who intends to pursue studies in the humanities at Emory College. The award involves a grant for each of the three final years of the student’s undergraduate career. The recipient is determined in the spring by the English faculty with the approval of the other members of the Division of Humanities.

Woodruff Dean’s Achievement Scholarship

Recipient: Mackenzie White

This scholarship is awarded to one sophomore and is a full-tuition, fees, and benefits scholarship to any of the undergraduate schools on the Atlanta campus. It is based on the Woodruff Scholar qualities of unselfish character, intellectual and personal vigor, outstanding academic achievement, impressive communication skills, significant leadership and creativity in school or the broader community, and clear potential for enriching the lives of their contemporaries at Emory University.

Abinta Kabir Scholarship

Recipient (for 2019-20): Disha Srivastava

The Abinta Kabir Scholarship was established in 2017 in memory of Abinta Kabir 17Ox, who was a victim of the terrorist attack in Dhaka, Bangladesh, on July 1, 2016. Abinta exemplified the true meaning of kindness and unity and served as a role model to aspiring leaders and scholars, dedicating countless hours to the Student Activities Committee, leading and serving the Oxford community. The Abinta Kabir Scholarship supports Oxford students with a preference for students who are residents of South Asia or who have a demonstrated knowledge of Bangladesh history and culture.

Commencement Award

Eady Sophomore Service Award

Recipient: Nicolas Paschetto

This award is given to the sophomore student who, in the judgment of the faculty, has given outstanding service to campus life during the year. This award, which was given for the first time in 1969, is named the Virgil Y.C. Eady Sr. Sophomore Service Award in honor of the late Dean Eady, who gave thirty-seven years of leadership and service to the institution. The plaque hangs in the student center as a constant reminder of the service rendered to the college by Dean Eady and by each year’s recipient.