anthropology overview

Anthropologists study what it means to be human and the forces that affect our humanity. It’s a broad field relevant to many areas. At Emory we focus on the intersections of many fields including biology, the environment, politics, economics, and religion, addressing issues critical to understanding and improving the human experience.

Emory offers the following programs:

  • BA Anthropology
  • BS Anthropology and Human Biology
  • BA Anthropology-Religion Joint Major 
  • Anthropology Minor


At Emory, we train future researchers, academics, and civic leaders to succeed in and make a strong impact on our increasingly complex and interconnected world. Our anthropology graduates have gone on to careers in international development, public health,education, diplomacy, law, social justice activism, business, entrepreneurship, and medicine as well as careers in academia.

Recent graduates work at Everest Education, Agnes Scott College, Houston Museum of Natural Science, and Emory University.

They have also gone on to pursue advanced degrees at such prestigious institutions as Ohio State University, University of St. Andrews, California State University Fullerton, and Emory University.

2018 Median Pay for Anthropologists
Bureau of Labor Statistics

Example of Major Classes

Research in Anthropology

Klamath Henry

Forging a Path for Native American Scholarship

Anthropology major Klamath Henry 19C is a member of both the Shasta Tribe of California and the Tuscarora Nation of the Haudenosaunee (Iroquois) Confederacy in Western New York. At Emory, she advocatefor Native American students and racial social justice. Her research focused on the Three Sister’s food system to explore how the three traditional Native American crops squash, corn, and beans are grown, consumed and traded.

Studying anthropology while working with the Office of Sustainability Initiatives allowed me to see the links between my classes and real-world applications. It's been invaluable in helping me develop new skills, gain a deeper understanding of people and the world, and evolve a sustainable vision for the future.

Kristen Kaufman 19C
Anthropology major