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Emory’s Chemistry Unbound is an exciting, intradisciplinary approach that breaks down barriers between traditional chemistry disciplines and creates context for exploring real-world problems and solutions. The curriculum has served as a leading model in higher education to invest in hands-on, innovative teaching.

Chemistry is an incredibly broad field. It’s actually called the central science, because it overlaps with biology, physics, geology, and environmental science. 

Emory’s forward-thinking curriculum offers a foundation for success in a broad array of fields, including government, nonprofit, academia, and entrepreneurship.  


Chemistry is a broad field, which means career options vary considerably. You could wind up doing research and development in a corporate lab setting, become an environmental expert for a government agency, work in the nonprofit sector, work in academia, or become an entrepreneur.  

Recent Emory grads are working at the Atlanta VA Medical Center, Viatech Publishing SolutionsWalgreen’s Pharmacy, and Teach for America 

They’re also pursuing advanced degrees at such institutions as University of California—Berkeley, Yale, Princeton, Emory’s Rollins School of Public Health, and the University of Arizona.  

Median pay for Chemists
Bureau of Labor Statistics
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Princeton Review, 2019

Example of Major Classes

Research in Chemistry

Min Ji Choi

Summer Undergraduate Research Experience (SURE)

Min Ji Choi 16 Ox, 18C began studying chemistry on the Oxford campus. Her SURE experience allowed her to explore methods for discovering new drugs working one on one with her mentor, Dr. Neuman, Assistant Professor of Chemistry. 

You'll understand the chemistry behind why the world works and learn how to construct a scientific claim and use evidence and reason to explain your argument. That's a level of critical thinking that transcends chemistry.

Doug Mulford
Senior Chemistry Lecturer, Director of Undergraduate Studies for Chemistry Department