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Philosophy is the study of fundamental questions on the nature of what is and what ought to be: What is a good life? What is the nature of reality? What makes us human?

In Emory’s Department of Philosophy, you’ll gain a broad foundation in areas like ethics, metaphysics, aesthetics, and epistemology that will prepare you to pursue a wide variety of career directions as well as for advanced study.

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Study Abroad in Philosophy

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Emory-Tibet Partnership

Clare Barnes 19C, philosophy and religion double major with a sustainability minor, explored new ways of learning and thinking while vising a Tibetan monastic community in India, a study abroad experience she participated in through the Emory-Tibet Partnership.

Philosophy remains the most radical form of interrogation I've found, but we are, fundamentally, beings of response, only one of which is interrogation, which leaves philosophy haunted by moments for which it cannot fully account.

John T. Lysaker
Professor of Philosophy