panel on law and religion

Religion is one of the most powerful social and cultural forces in human history. It has wreaked havoc through time and been a source of profound comfort and good.

Religion majors at Emory represent a wide range of individuals with an equally wide range of interests.

Whether you’re looking to go into the clergy, medicine, public service, or any number of other careers, developing a deeper understanding of religious traditions and their impact on history, policy, culture, society, and the way we interpret our stories will serve you well.

Example of Major Classes

Research In Religion


 International Research

As a Humanity in Action Fellow, Virginia Spinks 17C spent a month immersed in the study of human and civil rights in Sarajevo, Bosnia, and Herzegovina. The fellowship ended with a cohort of international students gathering for a conference in Berlin.

Emory University's National Scholarships & Fellowships office assists interested students in finding opportunities in the U.S. and around the world to further their research and exposure.

Emory-Tibet Science Initiative

Mind-Body Science Summer Abroad

The Emory-Tibet Science Initiative offers a unique opportunity to combine study of western science and Buddhist philosophies. Spend five weeks with a Buddhist refugee community in India in an environment where Tibetan Buddhist monastics and students inspire and learn from each other.

Emory University is the only university in the Western Hemisphere to have such a close partnership with Tibet and His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

Religion has really asked me to question the boundaries that we've set up and so readily accept religion as one thing and secularism, politics, and science as another. I'm interested in both diplomacy and human rights and want to be able to work with people of different faiths and cultures.

Alizeh Ahmad '14
Religion and International Studies major, spent a year teaching English in Malaysia on a Fulbright scholarship, then earned a Masters of Theological Studies, Islamic Studies from Harvard University.