Leadership for real life.

Leadership has a central role at Oxford. Our small-scale, residential environment lets you engage deeply in campus life and develop your leadership skills.

Unlike any other baccalaureate institution in the country, our first- and second-year students are wholly responsible for the leadership of campus organizations and activities. This gives you uncommon opportunities to lead. 

We believe in leadership applied to real life. The staff of our Office of Student Involvement and Leadership provides many opportunities for you to discover your talents and grow your leadership skills. Some of these include:

Leadership Oxford

A weeklong, spring semester training seminar for first-year students that prepares them to take the helm in student organizations during their second year. Culminates in a weekend of team training in the North Georgia mountains.


A fall semester training seminar for sophomore students already involved in campus organizations. Culminates in a weekend of team training in the North Georgia mountains.

Emerging Leaders Summit

This annual weekend seminar features a nationally known speaker and numerous activities that help students take their leadership skills to the next level.

Pierce Leadership Certificate Program

Students who earn this leadership credential complete a series of requirements including coursework, attend regular meetings with a student cohort, and participate in leadership activities outside the classroom.