SGA group

Student leaders help shape Oxford.

Oxford College students elect the officers of our Student Government Association (SGA). SGA represents the interests of the student body to college administration, faculty, and staff, and it's a resource for you and all students during your time at Oxford. Oxford’s SGA is a divisional council of the Emory University's SGA, which is the central student governing body of the university.

SGA comprises motivated and diverse individuals who work hard to represent the student body throughout their term. From approving budgets for student events, organizing campus-wide campaigns, listening to student concerns and chartering innovative student organizations, this group plays an important part of student life at Oxford.

SGA officers make up the SGA Executive Board, which includes the president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, attorney general, parliamentarian, public relations chair, and student activities chair. These officers are elected by their fellow students in the spring semester of their first year.

The SGA General Assembly is composed of the Executive Board and 14 senators—nine first-year senators and five second-year senators.

SGA sponsors several committees that address the concerns of students such as the Food Committee, Public Safety Committee, Student Activities Committee, etc.  So students who want to have a voice and make a difference in the everyday life of Oxford can always find ways to serve, even if they do not run for an office.  Whether you're interested in running for office, starting your own club, or just learning more about Oxford’s close-knit community, SGA is a great place to start.

2017–2018 Student Government Association leadership 

President: Ben Palmer 

Vice President: Shanelle Fernando

Treasurer: Grace Nguyen  

Secretary: Suejin Paik

SAC Chair: Steele Quinard

Parliamentarian: Cathy Zhou 

Public Relations Chair: Noah Cosimano-White

Sergeant at Arms: Gabriel Moran

Oxford-Emory Liaison: Namit Sanghi

Attorney General: Andrew Zhuge 

Judicial Board Chair: Nina Ranji