17 Oxford alumni among Class of 2023 100 Senior Honorary

Class of 2023 100 Senior Honorary

Oxford College alumni were well represented in this year's 100 Senior Honorary—a recognition of emerging leaders from the 2023 senior class.

17 Oxford alumni were included in this year's prestigious 100 Senior Honorary, an annual recognition of campus leaders, thought provokers, dynamic athletes, academic mentors, and community influencers from the graduating senior class. The students were celebrated at a ceremony on the Atlanta campus last month.

The 17 Oxford alumni are:

  • Manish Bhatta 21Ox 23C
  • Emily Zhang Cui 21Ox 23C
  • Audrey DeRossett 21Ox 23C
  • Miracle Ejidike 21Ox 23C
  • Dylan Goldberg 21Ox 23C
  • Ellen Harnisch 21Ox 23B
  • Alexis Jenkins 21Ox 23C
  • Eleanor Liu 21Ox 23B
  • Payton Malone 21Ox 23C
  • Antara Palkar 21Ox 23C
  • Anna Rhoads 21Ox 23B
  • Saad Shaban 20Ox 23B
  • Akash Shanmugam 21Ox 23C
  • Ayusha Shrestha 21Ox 23C
  • Balwant-Amrit Singh 21Ox 23C
  • Aditi Vellore 21Ox 23C
  • Annabelle Zekeri 21Ox 23C

To see a full list of the 100 Senior Honorary and their individual Impact Statements, click the link below.

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