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History provides the context for how ideas lead to actions and events that you might have seen coming—if you only knew the history. 

Students studying history at Emory become rigorously independent thinkers who analyze information to reveal the micro and macro impact of past, present, and potential forces. Whether your future is in academia, innovative commerce, or transformative leadership, history is a great place to start.  

Example of Major Classes


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Hands-on Experience

At Emory, history majors can take one elective in the form of an internship that makes a genuine contribution to their education in history. In recent years, students have interned at such places as the Atlanta History Center, Carter Center, Martin Luther King, Jr. Center, Oakland Cemetery, and the National Park Service.  

We help students learn to approach sensitive topics with dispassion and objectivity, which is not to say neutrality. We work to check personal politics at the classroom door in the pursuit of greater knowledge, insight, and wisdom about America's political past.

Joe Crespino
Jimmy Carter Professor of American History