Theater Studies

actors on stage

Theater at Emory will challenge you to engage in serious inquiry and develop the skillsets needed to succeed in a wide range of careers. Invest in meaningful conversations and creativity as you develop your own unique style and perspective on how the arts is impacting this modern era.

As a theater studies major at Emory, you’ll be exposed to a wide range of topics, including:

  • Performance
  • Stage design
  • History
  • Artistic critique
  • Theater management
  • Theater administration

You'll be learning rom esteemed faculty and in a community of engaged and active undergraduates.

And you'll have the vibrant city of Atlanta as your backdrop. Atlanta actively embraces the arts, and our students have enormous opportunities to experience professional productions, land internships, and launch careers.

Example of Major Classes

Research in Theater

Troizel Carr

Exploring the potential of black masculinity

For his honors these in theater studies, Troizel Carr 15Ccreated a performance art piece examining notions of black masculinity, queer black masculinity, and utopia (a topic he continued to explore in his master’s and Ph.D. performance studies at NYU.)

Cameron Frostbaum

Evolving the experience for a new generation of theater patrons

The Microtheater movement, originated in Spain, is reinvigorating theater with intimate, informal short plays performed in flexible spaces for small audiences. Theater studies and political science double major, Cameron Frostbaum 17C received an independent research grant to study the movement in Miami and bring Microtheater performances to Emory’s campus.

Being challenged as an intellectual and a performer simultaneously was one of the most rewarding aspects of my engagement with theater at Emory. I was often pushed to my limits but always under the safe watch of the amazing faculty and theater at Emory community.

Shawn Escarciga 10C
Theater Studies major, currently a performer, and teaching artist in Chicago