Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies (WGSS)

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As a Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies major at Emory, you’ll explore complex social, cultural, and political structures within an intellectually rigorous, yet supportive environment.

Our interdisciplinary program addresses the roles of women, gender, and sexuality thorough the lens of history, sociology and psychology. You’ll hone your abilities to think critically and analytically, recognize and confront injustices, and use data to lead change and make a positive impact on your community.

Example of Major Classes

Research in WGSS

Carly Moore video

Lives mean more than a few words on a register

Carly Moore 18C, WGSS and philosophy double major visited the National Archives to research cases of women admitted to St. Elizabeth’s Hospital between 18551941 with the diagnosis of hysteria.

As an attorney, I am motivated to advocate for the underdog. My studies at Emory affirmed and re-enforced the idea that being a minority or "on the fringe" can be a position of strength and that defending difference is a worthy lifelong fight.