Religious and Spiritual Life

Nurturing the religious traditions of all.

Respect for all religious and spiritual traditions is important at Oxford. All are welcome here, whether they are part of a religious, spiritual, or faith tradition or not.

Oxford Chaplain Lyn Pace, is a resource for all members of the college community and an advocate for the religious and spiritual life groups on campus. Programs and counseling services offered through the chaplain's office support students during their time at Oxford.

While you're here, you’ll have the opportunity to participate in service, social, and religious programs sponsored by the chaplain’s office, the Interfaith Council, and the chartered religious and spiritual life groups at the college. Throughout the year, many events celebrate a variety of faith traditions and their holidays. 

All are welcome here, whether or not they are part of a religious, spiritual, or faith tradition.
Lyn Pace, Oxford College Chaplain

Currently there are 10 clubs with a specific religious/spiritual focus. While many of these practice a particular religious tradition, the organizations are open to all who are interested. These include the:

  • Buddhist Club

  • Catholic Student Union

  • Hindu Student Association

  • Interfaith Council

  • Jewish Student Union

  • Journey Christian Fellowship

  • Muslim Students Association

  • Oxford Fellowship

  • Voices of Praise Gospel Choir

  • Wesley Fellowship

Coming together at Fall Retreat

Each fall, the Oxford College community gathers for a weekend retreat in the North Georgia mountains. This 30-year-old tradition is open to students, faculty, and staff who want to take part in a fun-filled and restful experience. Besides getting to hike, swim, and sing around the campfire, you’ll engage in programming geared to help you successfully navigate your time at Oxford. Learn more and register for this year’s fall retreat.

Travel with a purpose

In partnership with the Pierce Program in Religion, the Office of Religious and Spiritual Life sponsors two travel programs that encourage global engagement. 

Global Connections

Global Connections is a travel experience designed to help students create meaning in their lives and connect their religious and spiritual convictions with justice issues including peace, poverty, human rights, and the environment. Seminar activities and service offer reflection and meaningful dialogue with others and help participants become agents of change for healthy living both here and abroad. The first Global Connections trip in 2006 was to Montana, where students studied issues of declining rural communities. Subsequent seminars have taken Oxford students, faculty, and staff to Poland, Vietnam, Turkey, Costa Rica, Germany, and the United Kingdom, on a civil rights and the American South tour, and to study incarceration in Georgia and New York City. The 2018 trip took participants back to Vietnam, where they explored the effects of globalization on that country. Read more about the most recent trip to New York City.


Journeys is a travel program that originated at Oxford College in 1988. Students, faculty, and staff from both Emory’s Oxford and Atlanta campuses travel with and learn from each other—in addition to the people they encounter during their travels. These trips focus on communities around the world that have a history of conflict, violence, and exploitation. Each Journey carries the hope that participants will be transformed into more thoughtful and caring citizens of the world. Past trips included El Salvador, Northern Ireland, South Africa, Costa Rica, India, the Middle East, Canada, Cuba and most recently the Texas/Mexico border to study issues of immigration.