Alumni Leadership

An opportunity to lead.

Oxford alumni provide counsel to the college through two alumni leadership groups, the Board of Counselors and the Alumni Board.

Board of Counselors 

Oxford’s Board of Counselors provides focused counsel to college leaders regarding issues it considers to be the school’s highest current priorities.

The board offers guidance in two ways: (1) reviewing college and the board performance in its previous attempts to address priorities and (2) envisioning the future actions (immediate and long-range) that the board and the college will take to address priorities.


Mr. R. Haynes Chidsey 88Ox 90C

Dr. W. Michael Dennis 67Ox 69C 

Immediate Past Chair
Mr. Hugh M. Tarbutton Jr. 84Ox

Ms. Anne Salter 71Ox 73C 82G

Alumni Board

Oxford's Alumni Board supports and promotes the college's educational excellence in two ways. The board creates and sustains a framework for Oxford to communicate regularly with and serve its alumni and allows alumni to communicate with and serve the college.


Mr. Chris Arrendale 99Ox 01C

Mr. Kent Montgomery 78Ox 80C

Communications Chair
Mrs. Paula Martin Woodard 99Ox 01C

President Elect
Mrs. Jennifer Crabb Kyles 98Ox 00C

Dr. Jody Moses 68Ox 70C 75D

Past President
Mr. Ryan Roche 03Ox 05C