Students walk by the Gilbert Bookstore, operated by Barnes & Noble,  in the Student Center.

Alumni Benefits

Just because you're no longer a student doesn't mean the benefits of your Emory education end.

Emory alumni receive a host of services, discounts, and Emory-exclusive resources. Explore some of the benefits available to you. (We’ve listed them in alphabetical order.)

Athletic passes

Gym Membership Contacts

Campus Bookstore

Next time you visit campus, stop by the new Gilbert Bookstore, operated by Barnes & Noble, in our new Student Center. You can also shop at our virtual campus bookstore for Oxford College–branded items, Dooley merchandise, books, and more. You can even purchase "An Uncommon Place" by Dean for Campus Life Joe Moon.

Career Counseling and Coaching

With comprehensive career counseling and coaching services, the Emory Alumni Association can help you meet and surpass your professional goals. Whether you’re just starting out in your career or have reached an executive-level position, Emory Alumni Association services give you the tools to achieve better work-life balance, change industries, move into entrepreneurship, or plan for a promotion.

Diploma Requests

Maybe you didn't attend your Oxford Commencement or you graduated early and forgot to pick up your diploma. It's never too late to request one so that you can proudly tout your status as an Oxford graduate.

To see if Oxford has your diploma, contact Tammy Camfield at or 770.784.8314. If we have it on file, we'll ship it to you free the very next day. If we have to order a replacement, the fee is $50 and it takes four to six weeks.

Oxford alumni also may request a replacement diploma for $50 if their original diploma has been lost or destroyed. Replacement diplomas follow the format of the current Oxford College diploma and contain the signatures of Oxford officials at the time of graduation. Replacement diplomas list your name as it appeared on your transcript. We process requests within six to eight weeks.

EmoryCard: Your Alumni ID

It's easy to get an alumni version of the EmoryCard. Your alumni card and picture ID will give you access to the library and to other alumni benefits. Request your card online or at the Miller-Ward Alumni House during regular business hours.

Emory Career Services

The Emory Alumni Association offers a career services program with interactive resources for alumni and students interested in enhancing their careers. Services include career workshops and seminars, networking events, and mentoring opportunities. The Emory Alumni Association database features thousands of professional profiles of Emory alumni who serve as career contacts for both alumni and current students in all of Emory's schools. The database also features a free Job Postings Board, a Resume Postings Board, and a Career Resources page.


Savor delicious meals and share a meal with current students at the dining hall or the Oxford Family Kitchen, a café offering coffee, other beverages, and a broad range of food items in the new Student Center. Invite your family and friends to see if the food is even better than when you were at Oxford.

Jobs at Emory

Emory is a richly diverse environment, where respect for history and tradition is balanced by a commitment to cultivating leaders for the 21st century. Emory employs 31,000 staff and faculty at the university and its hospital and clinics.


Alumni get complimentary borrowing privileges at the Oxford College Library.

Transcript Orders

It's easy to request a transcript, an official record of your grades, from Oxford College or Emory University.

Other Emory Benefits

Emory alumni receive a host of services, discounts, and Emory-exclusive resources through the Emory Alumni Association.