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Alumni Awards

Oxford College honors our alumni and other members of our community for their outstanding leadership, dedication, loyalty, and service.

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2021-22 Alumni Awards Recipients

William Norton Outstanding Alumnus/a Award

The Oxford College Alumni Association gives this award to an Oxford alumnus/alumna who has shown exceptional dedication, loyalty, and innovation in his or her service to Oxford.

Kim Tyson Chenevey 02Ox 04B

Kim Tyson Chenevey 02Ox 04B

Kim Chenevey served as President of the Emory Alumni Board President from 2016-2017, with the goals of focusing on alumni engagement and the campus initiatives of new Emory President Claire Sterk. She is currently a member of the EAA Presidents Club and an Ex-Officio member of the Emory Alumni Board.
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2020Donté Flanagan 04Ox 06N
2019Hugh McMaster Tarbutton Jr. 84Ox
2018Christopher Arrendale 99Ox 01C
2017Barbara J. Carter Rivers 65Ox
2016Chi Chi Okezie 98Ox 00C
2015Julie Nelson 95Ox 96C
2014Susan Gregory 77Ox 79C
2013Kip Hart 94Ox 96C
2012Tom Brodnax 65Ox 68C
2011Warren Brook 70Ox 72B
2010Joe Bartenfeld 64Ox 66C
2009Teresa Rivero 85Ox 87B 93PH
2008Paul Jackson 82Ox 84B
2007Marvin Hardy 61Ox 63C 65L
2006Joe Edwards 54Ox 56B 58B
2005Dan Ragsdale 59Ox
2004Mellie Davis 59Ox
2003William (Bill) Norton 42Ox 44C 50L
2002Art Vinson 66Ox 68C
2001Hugh Tarbutton 52Ox 55C
2000Dean Minor 38Ox 40C
1999Jim Bailey 67Ox 69C

Outstanding Young Alumnus/a Award

The Oxford College Alumni Association gives this award to an Oxford alumnus/alumna who shows exceptional dedication, loyalty, and innovation in his or her service to Oxford. They are no more than twelve years out from their Oxford degree.

Joseph James Welcome

Joseph James Welcome IV 14Ox 16C

Special education teacher at Coney Island Prep, President of the Caucus of Emory Black Alumni for the New York Chapter of Emory University Alumni
Joseph is a full-time special education teacher at Coney Island Prep and completed his M.A. in Educational Leadership, Politics, and Advocacy at New York University. At Coney Island Prep, Mr. Welcome helped to create a process to plan, create, and monitor the progress of students’ literacy through the teaching of the Wilson Reading Program.
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2020Joy Martin 11Ox 13C
2019Casson Wen 08Ox 10C 13L
2018Khatdija Meghjani 12Ox 14C
2017Safiya Jetha 07Ox 09C
2016Will Canon 11Ox 13C

Outstanding Teaching Award

The Oxford College Alumni Association gives this award to an Oxford faculty member, past or present, who has imbued a love of learning, a mastery of the work, and a sense of community in the course of teaching at Oxford.

William Shapiro

William Shapiro

Professor of Political Science
Dr. William Shapiro, Professor of Political Science, received his B.A. from Brooklyn College in 1968 and his M.A. and Ph. D from Cornell University in 1973 and 1977, respectively. Currently, he is working on a paper entitled "Nostalgia, Technology, and Politics: The World of Harry Potter." He has taught Introductory Politics, Introduction to International Relations, Women and Politics, Classical Political Thought, Modern Political Thought, American Government, and Introductory Sociology.
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2020Steve Baker
2019Frank Maddox
2018Reza Saadein
2017Ken Carter 87Ox 89C
2016Clark Lemons 74G 78PhD
2015Steve Henderson
2014Hoyt Oliver 54Ox 56C
2013Eloise Carter 78G 83PhD
2012Bill Cody
2011Andy Autry
2010Kent Linville
2009Dan Moore 35Ox 37C 40G
2008Bill McKibben
2007Judy Greer
2006Mike McQuaide
2005Homer Sharp 56Ox 59C
2004John Gregory
2003Neil Penn
2002Dick Shappell
2001Joe Guillebeau
2000Marshall Elizer
1999Curry Haynes

Outstanding Staff Award

The Oxford College Alumni Association gives its Outstanding Staff Award to an Oxford College staff member, past or present, who has shown exceptional dedication and loyalty in his or her service to Oxford. They also appreciate the sense of community that Oxford offers.

Regina McGuire Barrett 23T

Regina McGuire Barrett 23T

Director of Programs, Academic Affairs
She started her career by working for Campus Life as an administrator and managed the front desk at the Student Center. There she fielded calls, questions, and supported students in various ways. She is a beloved staff member at Oxford and has helped hundreds of students over the years. In fact, the 2013 Class Gift Committee chose Mrs. Barrett to honor her with their class tree.
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2020Captain Bob Walker
2019Susan Laird 71C 79T
2018Alan Mitchell
2017Debbie Mote
2016Lyn Pace 02T 17T
2015Todd Cain
2014Joy Budensiek
2013Rodger Brunson
2012Marvlyn Kirk
2011Jennie Taylor
2010Mary Barnes
2009Eugene Williams
2008Stephen Bowen

Honorary Alumnus/a Award

The Oxford College Alumni Association gives its Honorary Alumnus/Alumna Award to a person who did not graduate from Oxford College but who has shown exceptional dedication in his or her service to Oxford.

Patricia Carter Edwards

Patricia Carter Edwards 61C

Patricia “Pat” Carter Edwards 61C is one half of a dynamic Emory duo, the other half being her husband, J. Joseph ”Joe’ Edwards 54Ox 56B 58B. Their years of service, generosity and devotion to Emory were recognized in 2014 when they were awarded the Judson C. Ward "Jake's" Golden Heart Award by the Emory Alumni Association. For more than forty years, Joe and Pat Edwards have been engaged in strategic planning, fundraising efforts, and alumni events to advance Oxford College.
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2020Nancy Benton 65C
2019Carol D. Penn 59C
2018Amanda Arrendale
2017Doug Shipman 95C
2016Stephen Bowen
2015Sheilah Connor
2014Nancy Murdy
2013Kitty McNeill
2012Kathy Brook
2011Penny England
2010James Wagner
2009Mary Louise Flemming 70G
2008Mike McQuaide
2007Sammy Clark
2006Lil Long
2005Paul Anderson 38C 40L
2004Dean Dana Greene, Joe Moon, and Jennie Taylor
2003John Temple
2002Jake Ward 33C 36G
2001Judy Greer
2000Bond Fleming 33C 36T
1999William H. Murdy